1. Genius-jatt

    Problem Installing GTA-IV (Episode of Liberty city)

    Problem Installing GTA-IV (Episode of Liberty city) Dear friends I want to Install GTA-IV (Episode of liberty city) Game, I already play it before but after formatting HDD, Now the problem is when I try to install the game Part-1 is ok & when It ask for second disk I insert Disk-2 it dons't...
  2. Voldy

    Electric Range Rover breaks cover

  3. D

    GTA Liberty City Stories

    when i play GTA Liberty City Stories on my Psp the frame rate is too slow. Other games like nfs carbon, Burnout legends, dominator runs fine.Can anyone help me with this? is there a way to make the game run fast. ty
  4. ionicsachin

    GTA Liberty City stories

    Hey recently i have gone for buying some game (Koti, Hyderabad)...pirated I found that they were selling the dvd of GTA liberty city stories.......but i think the game has released only for PS2 and PSP>......what say?????
  5. N

    walkthrough for gta liberty city pc

    i want the walkthrough of gta liberty city.kindly anyone give me the correct link.
  6. N


    In 2001, millions of PlayStation®2 owners were introduced to the sights, sounds, people, and perils of Liberty City... the worst place in America. Chauffeuring Misty, carving persona non grata status for yourself all over Chinatown, providing sniping cover for demolition expert 8-Ball...
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