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ebiz ???


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My friend who joined ebiz (ebizelindia.com ) a few months ago has been persuading me to join too. Is it legit and beneficial ?
The courses, tutorials etc they showed are available for free at many websites and even in a better manner. They allow getting certificates if you pass the quiz but how good they might be as anyone can question whether they are legit ?

It also has chain system for network marketing and earning. I'd like to know if anyone has experienced it and found it not to be a scam, also is the education worth the money ?


Be CoOl rAp RuLeZ !!!
don't get in all this bs.. he must be getting money for this bs.. just don't join it
MLMs like Ebizel and Corporate society are just "All show and no Go ". It looks pretty easy that you earn money by making people join you in your chain. Well, when it comes to actually realize that thing and actually get some people to join, it takes hell out of you. In India, making a person to invest 7k in something that is not sure to exist is ***t. You have to actually make them see dream of what you actually did while you joined it and when they will not et money after joining as you promised they will start blaming you " You told me to join, i want refund" which is not possible. This MLM thing should be done only by those persons who are expert in making Fool of others. The Education plan of both companies are bull****. I have studied them very carefuly and found them making fool of everyone.
You can get a domain name in 2-3$ from Godaddy.com then why pay 7k for it ? the tutorials are all nothing, they cant teach you ****. Better to learn things from somewhere else coz afaik the tuts are crap. Corporate society is a modified form of Ebizel. Yet Ebizel is not giving you Website, they give you subdomain xxx.ebizel.com. WTF ??? 6.5 k for subdomain :O
Ads can be there on your site but that is not going to get you people reading your site. To make your site popular you have to work hard with the content. And ya dont tell me that my friends will click on my Ads and i will click on their ads and we will earn money, Every ip that clicks ads is traced and if same range of ips are doing this again an again the account is suspended. Moreover this friend to friend clicks are just a matter of few days, "uske baad sab bhuul jate hai beta :))" And every year you have to renew your licence means a fix amount to be paid every year to maintain your membership.
Better to stay away and do things the right way. I never deny the fact that MLMs can make you good money but it is NOT AS EASY AS IT SEEMS like when you listen to the members of these MLMs(Multi Level Marketing companies). Pros and cons are there, its up to you to join or not !


This reminds me of a hindi movie where going to Dubai and bringing in broom(jhadu) made of Gold :D Kader Khan, Asrani and Shkti Kapoor!!! They trio duped many hapless Mumbaikers and took them on a small boat and while they slept during the night, they dropped them to an island surrounding Bombay and declared Dubai aa gayaa :D


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
completely agree with celldweller1591...I have tasted a loss of around 35K in Quest (another Malaysia based MLM). I have persuaded by a very good friend of mine and I joined just for the sake of our friendship (and I trusted him too). After a few months the scenario became very clear to me that I am not getting a single penny out of it. Not only it did cost me the money but our friendship turned bitter. :(


^Quite similar to mine; i know so much about eBiz because he use to eat my head talking and narrating what happened and the seminars and et all. Its the taking-for-a-ride which spoils so much of friendship.


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This is the third day that they've wasted more than 4 hours of my time. They try to make me feel like I'm in condition of misery and I'll suddenly change it all. I told them in face how useless their course was and they think that I'd consider a search for 2-3 minutes to find a better tutorial, a waste of my time. If I had so much time as to do 64 courses in a year, I would already mastered each programming/scripting language there is. lol.
100 % fraud
+1 waste of time and money as well !!!
All my friends who joined MLMs said to me when i asked them about their so called business that " Bas yar kya bataun.....tu thik keh rha tha yar, nautanki hai char din ki, sachai samne aa gai bhai!!" Believe me they really said it. Wasted their study time in MLM and got 10k and wasted it in Beer and cigararettes. Wtf was the use !! They faild in semester exams :|Now they regret. They have sold out their seats and discontinued. Now they are left with the Website only. They could have it in 1.5-2 k with fairly good web-space which would be much more than they have now !
I am not saying that you always landup in trouble in MLms but "Its not everyones cup of tea " Thats all. I have seen 6 live examples, thats why i am telling you. Think a lot b4 you do anything in this matter .
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