1. Superayush

    QuizUp: a really addictive versatile quiz app

    You must try this app it's for free and IMO is the best quiz app till date :)and guess what it's free! It has like 418+ topics for quiz from cars to android to tv serials to science to virtually everything !!! It allows you to compete with other players around the world in a 7 round rapid fire...
  2. theserpent

    Computer fundamentals & general topics

    Hey guys i need links of all usefull stuff of computer fundamentals, IT And some hardware.All this is for a quiz coming up :-D
  3. ud0103

    IT Quiz (Help!)

    Hola everyone! I've just registered my name for my school's IT Quiz and I could not find any better place to share this news at! But at the same time I'm quite nervous too and m also not sure what type of ques. would I be facing... So, if anyone here has participated in any such IT related quiz...
  4. T

    It quiz books

    Any good quiz books which includes important people in computer history,contributions,important ceos's , jargons, buzzwords and more Thanks
  5. T

    Tcs wiz it

    Can anyone give me an idea as to what type of questions are aasked in tcs wiz it and also can someone suggest any good quiz book which will include IT history, important people,patents,companies,ceo's,recent developments,different technologies etc.
  6. ajayritik

    Need help in making video clips for quiz

    I'm planning for a video quiz for our team. Could someone give me some suggestions on how to go about with this? Firstly which of the formats is best that I can use also how can I edit the video. I remember in some TV Quiz shows they cover the artist or blurr him out. Can someone please...
  7. G

    need help in tech quiz

    i took part in an tech quiz. i want some good site which can tell any thing about computer's history and related development. computer related companies history or anything. i have read Fast Track:Ages events and evolution. it's good. but want more. thanks.
  8. RBX

    ebiz ???

    My friend who joined ebiz (ebizelindia.com ) a few months ago has been persuading me to join too. Is it legit and beneficial ? The courses, tutorials etc they showed are available for free at many websites and even in a better manner. They allow getting certificates if you pass the quiz but how...
  9. INS-ANI

    Digit quiz zone

    Hey guys.. Lets start a thread with technology/business/etc quiz. Lets start with a question can you identify this logo? More question coming up...
  10. Gigacore

    What kind of Zoozoo are you? - Vodafone Quiz

    I hope you guys are familiar with vodafone's latest Zoozoo ads. :)) Take a quiz here and tell us what kind of Zoozoo u r :D *www.vodafone.in/ipl09/zoozoo.aspx
  11. Champ

    Microsoft Developer Challenge: Test your knowledge Quotient

    Microsoft India is Organizing Developer Challenge and ITPro Challenge. Its a really good chance to test your knowledge and win some cool prizes. Contest Duration : 5-14 November 2008 According to MSDNContest Web site Ongoing Contests for Developers Developer Quiz: VSTS The...
  12. Who

    Gaming Quiz !

    Well i kinda bored right now so i wanted to held a small quiz over here, anyways its very simple one Which is the Best Selling Video Game of the Year of 2007 ?? Well you guys have about 24 hours find the answer to this one, you have freedom to do whatever you want , you...
  13. pritish_kul2

    Small Quiz

    Identify the logo. Identify this famous CEO along with his company.
  14. L

    How much do u know about Robots?

    fun little quiz I stumbled upon.. *www.cbc.ca/cgi-bin/quiz/quiz.cgi?quiz=robot-quiz
  15. fun2sh

    ?? Harry Potter Quiz ??

    :D :D HI GUYS HERE'S THE TREAD FOR HARRY POTTER QUIZ:) . Rules r quite simple. one has to ask a question related to books (includin Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) N others hav to ans them n ask a new question too. NOTE :- questions may even include...

    Game Genre Quiz

    Which game genre do you prefer out of the answers above?
  17. prasad_den

    Softwares for Quizmasters..??

    Does anyone know of a good application that can help a quiz master make stunning quiz presentations..?? I need it to conduct an inter college quiz competition.. so I'm looking at something beyond MS Powerpoint. Any ideas...??? :D I think I should mention my requirements in some detail... 1...
  18. anilmail17

    help needed in quiz competition

    i m participating in a online quiz can anybody help me in finding answer to following questions: Which Program's About Window will you see this photo? This antivirus software has won the prestigious Virus Bulletin 100% award 33 times in a row (NAV has won 29 times, McAfee has won 21...
  19. M

    Technical Quiz

    Guyzz i am going to participate in a techmical quiz i dont know what type of questions they r going to a ask even they r not revealing it.Could you'll plz.. help me in this matter,I think reading digit is enough 4 participating in a technical quiz.. Am i right
  20. nik_for_you

    participate in quiz and get windows vista beta...

    Get Your Copy of Windows Vista DVD NOW... Microsoft is giving away free Vista DVD/CDs if you can answer a small quiz. Link: - *www.microsoft.com/india/offers/vista/quiz.aspx Answers for the Extremely stupid and dumb Quiz are as Follows 1.Vista 2.Clarity 3.November 2006...
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