E51 - N73ME Which is better?

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Hello friends!

Can anyone compare Nokia E51 with N73 ME ?
Which is a better option as of now?
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I somewhat feel that E51 is better in connectivity and processor/ram

n73 is better in camera and it has stereo speakers

what do u want exactly....multimedia is still better in N73


E51 vs n73

+ 96mb RAM as opposed to 64mb on n73
+ WLAN wid VOIP support
+ 9.2 as opposed to 9.1 on n73

- only 2mp cam whereas n73 has 3.15mp
- not such a good multimedia performer as the n73

so if u are towards multimedia , go for n73me ... else e51 if u want better connectivity options

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N73 pawns E51 in camera & music.

If you need your phone to multitask i.e. use like a mini PC then E51 pawns N73 bigtime.


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Tough question this is...However, E51 and N73 ME are both good and reliable in their own series. Its totally upto you which one to buy. But, if I were you, I would have gone with N73 ME.
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