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Dual Channel Or Single Channel

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hi guys,
from this forum with the help of you all the geneious guys i have made major hardware purchases...with yours suggesstions .....for this time please help me to upgrade.....first of all my MB is ASUS P5GDC V-DELUXE,when i purchased that MB my vendor suggested to use simmtronics 512*2 [400 mhz]ram modules in dual channel mode,but after two to three months i was getting BSOD messages frequently.. so i sold that and i bought ZION 512 mb[400 mhz] by sticking to only one module ,from the time i bought the zion ram till this day i havent noticed any kind of hanging or BSOD MESSAGES....{ 8 MONTHS }
so,i decided to upgrade further RAM to my system ...is it wise to buy another ZION 512 mb[400 MHZ] ram and run them in dual channel mode or else simply sell that old ZION ram and buy 1 gb ram module...IN SINGLE CHANNEL MODE.
MY VENDOR CAN PROVIDE ONLY ZION,KINGSTON BRANDS since i live in a small city...so i am wating for your precoius advise ....if possible please quote the prices of these two brands [ZION AND KINGSTON]

thanking you guys


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Well .. can't say why u got those problems .. but yeah .. dual channel will definitely be better ... almost twice the bandwidth of single channel mem. ...


Cyborg Agent
Well......The prob may be due to unlike memory strips......or damaged strips....Its better to get another alike stripe and put them is dual channel...for dual channel their timings,speed etc. should match.....
A 512 MB stick shouls cost u 2000-24000
1 GB stick should cost u 3500-4000


Zion i dont know , but kingston is ultimate, it provide great performance
in its price and i am using (256*2)512 400mhz ram in dual channel mode since 2 years and completly satisfied with its performance, price as above mentioned.
its definitely better than zion , go for kingston if u r a power user .


karthik.........well always try branded stuff which are famous...since your vendor can provide kingston he shd b able to get hynix too..but kingston is much better........but since u trying to get another one its better to get frm same comapny and same frequency one..............

and during next upgrade b carefull in gettin stuffs...i doubt simtronics even provide any warranty also
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