1. A

    RAM quality

    Please anybody tell me which are reliable RAMs avaible in market.I am not asking for popular brands but brand which is cheap but good quality.How is Zion RAM???:?:
  2. justme101

    Can RAM's of different manufacturers run toghether?

    I have a 2GB 800MHz "ZION" RAM installed on my mobo...now i want to put in another 2GB...but i cant seem to find ZION anywhere....so i want to know that can i put in a 2GB 800MHz RAM of any other manufacturer or can doing so cause any problems??? I have a Intel DG41RQ motherboard.
  3. T

    DDR 3 RAM query

    My current PC configuration are Intel core i3 530+Intel DH55TC MB+ 1 Tb seagate HDD + XFX RADEON HD5450 1GB DDR3 + 2Gb DDR3 1333 Zion RAM. i want to replace my RAM with 4 GB corsiar DDR3 1333 XMS which comes with heat-sink. will it match with my configuration and are this corsiar heat sink RAM...
  4. webdesigncut

    I am really worried about my Cpu temperature

    Hello friends, I really never mind monitoring my cpu tem till now but after viewing a thread in this forum i installed COre Temp and this is what i got my configuration of this pc is pretty basic msi k9mm-v amd athlon 64 3200+ 2 ghz 1Gb ram zion 2 fans 120 mm on side...
  5. ghantaukay

    Mobo + Processor Sandy Bridge

    I am planning to upgrade my pc : New mobo : Gigabyte P67A UD7, Proc : i7-2600.Since I already own a Sapphire 6870 graphics card I thought I shouldn't opt for the H67 mobos but I am not sure.I have a Corsair W450 PSU.I wonder if that has to be upgraded too and I have 2 sticks of DDR2 Zion RAM...
  6. diffuser911

    Zion RAM fakes??

    Hey guys...I got myself a Zion 1GB 800 MHz RAM a few days ago at 1200/-, when other dealers were quoting 1400 for the same. I looked up Zion's site and saw a couple of differences in two of the four points which are used to verify the originals. Here's the site...
  7. antoniobc

    USB Pen Drive Problem

    Hey Guys, am using OpenSuse 10.3, my Transcend 2GB pen drive gets detected but my ZION 512MB doesnt Can anyone help???
  8. H

    Recommend me a very FAST pen drive

    Ok i am looking for a fast pendrive >1gb, currently i have a ZION 1gb model 20months old without any problems. But my problem lies here -- none of the pendrive of my colleagues are fast enough. So here are the details. Write speed of some drives which I got in hand to test. my ZION - 13MBPS...
  9. antoniobc

    Open Suse 10.2 problem

    My installation of Open Suse 10.2 seems to be working fine other than a problem, that is, it doesnt mount my USB pendrive.... How can I get it to do that? Am using a ZION 512MB Pendrive
  10. Stalker

    Which RAM Brand??(Transcend or Zion)

    well guys, i am getting a new system with a q6600 & a 8800GTX. I've decided to go with 800Mhz DDR2 RAM. The options open to me are Transcend and Zion. Which one should i go for?? My dealer says that zion is better (also more expensive) but transcend is a major RAM manufacturer......i dunno...
  11. J

    Athlon 3000+,K8V-MX , Geforce FX 5200, 512 MB ZION RAM

    One year old computer parts are for sale AMD ATHLON 64 3000+ preocessor (socket 754) ASUS K8V-MX motherboard 512 MB ZION RAM (DDR) GeForce FX 5200 ( 128 MB) AGP card Tech-com External TV Tuner ----Two year warranty left for all the above products.....
  12. K

    Slow booting

    I have windows xp home edition sp 2 it is taking upto 40 secs to boot(10-15 scrolls in windows bar). my config is as follows.pls tell what might be the problem Intel 945GCCR(intel original) zion 512 MB DDR@ @ 533 MHZ Zion Intel Pentium 4 Ht @ 3.2 ghz 1 mb L2 Cache 800 MHZ FSB 80 gb sata...
  13. karthik55859

    Dual Channel Or Single Channel

    hi guys, from this forum with the help of you all the geneious guys i have made major hardware purchases...with yours suggesstions .....for this time please help me to upgrade.....first of all my MB is ASUS P5GDC V-DELUXE,when i purchased that MB my vendor suggested to use simmtronics 512*2...
  14. Thor

    Zion 512 MB 400 Mhz Ram Shows 333 Mhz :(

    Hello Friends! I have a Asrock 939NF4G-SATA2 Mobo. Bios p1.30 . Running XP+SP2 , AMD Athlon 3000+ (64bit) , 1 zion 512 MB 400 MHZ Ram. Problem is: In Bios It shows: Total Memory 512 MB with 64 MB Shared. Single Channel Memory Mode. DDR1: 512MB/166 MHz (DDR 333) Bios...
  15. D

    ram problem

    my mobo is intel 845 with 128 mb ibm ram(168pin) now i want to upgrade it so i want to know wheather i can go for any brand like zion etc or i have to buy ibm ram only also tell me about price of sd ram 256 mb
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