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Dual boot Redhat and Suse Linux

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Hello All,

I have a query. There was a requirement that I dual boot a machine with any of the redhat (i.e. rhel or fc series) and suse linux. So I wanted to know how shud I proceed with the partitioning stuff, I mean which partitions shud be common and which shud be exclusive. Secondly which distro I shud install first and which last. And also how shud I fill in the entries in the grub.conf. Shud I make a special grub.conf or how shud I proceed to make the install working.

Help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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You can install any distro in any order.
About partitioning, you can use the pre-existing swap partition, makes no sense to install another one. That is what I do when I multi-boot, at one point of time I had 4 distros sharing the same swap partition without a problem.
You can also share ~ partition but you will have to be careful with that, when you share the home partition, then both the distros should have the same username for accessing the home directory and the UID of the user should be same too. But if you just share the /home partition then it's OK.
Some people also share the /boot partition.
There should be no special entry in grub.conf/menu.lst just the required entries for both the distros.
But dual booting, with a RH distro. I'd never again do it after my nightmares with FC 5.
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