DSK Supinfogame or not???


Broken In
I want to focus mainly on music but as my parents want me to pursue a more "stable" career, I have decided to do a good course in computers(creative).
So, kindly suggest any course which doesn't take much time to complete(2yrs or so) and also lets me continue my passion.
I was considering DSK Supinfogame....so kindly suugest anything that you feel like.

The Sorcerer

oh wow...Xenforo!!!
I've yet to see anyone (round about average in studies) from that centre (I doubt it has UGC/AICTE approval) who is an Indian, passed through the Indian campus and who has a decent job even with 5-10 years of experience. Fees is way too high even if you're seeing per year expenses+ fees. You should check that out first.

How old are you? If its not too late, you can do an aptitude test. Why not be in music and computers? There are some who have worked in respectable music studios and certain pretty decent money, usually from sound production. The competition is tough and hard to stand out at first, but then again- which job isn't?
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