DreamHost has done it again...

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Choto Cheeta

DreamHost Support said:
We are currently aware of some billing inaccuracies which we will be resolving later today. All of these issues will be resolved, and any billing errors corrected. We sincerely apologize for any hassle this has created.

- UPDATE Tue Jan 15 04:13:17 PST 2008 -

The problem has been found and corrected. We are currently going through all erroneously charged accounts and refunding money. Stay tuned for further updates.

- UPDATE Tue Jan 15 07:25:16 PST 2008 -

Scripts are still running to correct the original problem. Last night, this guy ran a standard billing cycle to clean up stragglers from 2007. Unfortunately, the biller was run for 2008 (December 31st, 2008 to be exact). This caused everyone to be billed as if today was 2008-12-31, wreaking the havoc that we are so sorry you had to be put through.

We’re going through and fixing everything right now, but it may take several hours before all affected accounts are corrected. You will receive an email when yours is fixed, and if your credit card was charged, the charge will be refunded automatically.

We’re very very very sorry about this! There is a blog.dreamhost.com post explaining in more detail how this happened..

Also, you needn’t contact us or your credit card company/bank about this.. we’re fixing it right as you read this (and maybe already have for your account)! The best move for you is to just sit back and pretend you never got those weird billing email(s) talking about owing lots of money!

This post will be marked as resolved once (we believe) we’ve fixed everybody’s account.

Once again, we are all *extremely* sorry for the mishap. Thank you for your continued patience while we clean up our mess.

Read More => *www.dreamhoststatus.com/2008/01/15/billing-issues/

Yes my account is charged 3 times :cry: which means USD 120 x 3 = USD 360

Any DreamHost customer here ??


Dreamhost sucks :mad:

hostgator/bluehost is better relatively...

anyway all over sellers suck to da core....

I have a VPS :p

anyway if your account got suspended and the site HAS to be online kinda situations.. contact me for temporary hosting ;)

I will accomodate in my server for free :D

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Choto bhai you are not alone:

DreamHost's $7.5M billing accident
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