1. Cyberghost

    BSNL Billing Query

    Hello I changed my plan from BSNL Home Combo 500 to BSNL ULD 950 plan on 5th june 2013. I almost downloaded about 25 GB and still using it. I want to know what will be the plan used for billing this month. Can I charged for the 25 Gb I downloaded after the plan change please help?
  2. theserpent

    Revamped Google Play Store to bring operator billing support for India

    Revamped Google Play Store to bring operator billing support for India I think this is a great move, especially for a country like India
  3. Anish

    Billing software needed

    Hi, I need a simple and easy to use billing and management software suitable for hotels. It must be easier to use than tally. Thankyou.
  4. jatt

    Where to file complaint against bsnl

    Dear friends, i am using bsnl broadband,they charged me Rs.500 without any reason in my first billing cycle.then they also confessed that it was wrong.they also accepted my application to adjust these Rs.500 in next billing cycle.but its my third bill they not adjusted those rupees.I am a...
  5. U

    3G: The future is here

    3G is known as an ITU (International Telecommunications Union) plan for third generation mobile communication technologies. Generally, UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) is referred to as 3G, which is broadband, packet-based transmission of text, digitised voice, video and...
  6. S

    Airtel shady billing

    I got this month's Airtel broadband bill & going through i was surprised to see that they've billed me for Airtel's PC Secure Rs. 120. I've never subscribed to it. It made me call the customer care & register a complaint there. It seems that Airtel is also going the Reliance way for shady...
  7. S

    Help regarding Bsnl Broadband connection...

    Hello friends, I have a clarification regarding the billing structure of bsnl. Actually I am in Home500C plan. According to that plan, they told that from night 2.00 to 8.00 no volume will be considered for billing. Usually I use torrents for downloads during 2 to 8. When I see my account usage...
  8. M

    BSNL to change billing system in 2-3 months

    State-run telecom firm Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd plans to switch over to the Call-Detail-Record (CDR) billing system for its 3.5-crore landline subscribers in the next two to three months. "Our landline billing system as of now works on a conventional technology, and we are unable to give a...
  9. gary4gar

    How Technology can help a Small Shop

    Hi, My friend owns a small Wholesale shop of electric parts & fittings. turnover would be in few lakhs. Present system: Everything is manual and done by hand like billing & stock keeping Problems: Due to large volumes of stock, Stock maintenance is headache he has to send his servant...
  10. Spiff

    help! a billing s/w... freeware

    hi guys... i want to help my motheer at easing the task of billing n inventory... at the medicine shop of our hospital... please suggest one along with the link...strictly a freeware.. here r sum available bt fr a price.....last option..... inventory + billing HELP!!! :!:
  11. Choto Cheeta

    DreamHost has done it again...

    Read More => Yes my account is charged 3 times :cry: which means USD 120 x 3 = USD 360 Any DreamHost customer here ??
  12. ashishnehete

    Billing software

    does any boby know or have any free billing software please i need it its urgent:confused:
  13. J

    Billing Cycle of DataOne??

    Hi all, What is the billing cycle of DataOne? My connection started on 8 Sep, will it end on 8 Oct......or something else? I'm asking because billing record on DataOne site start on 1th day of the I'm getting confused. Thanks
  14. A

    Any catch in Sancharnet

    I heard abt d special ph line given by sancharnet for Rs 500 p.m. With unlimited internet but depending on th no of hours u own. Is there ne catch. Bcause the deal looks so profiting to the consumer. Can nebody giv me proper details about the billing. I mean 2 say if I sit in the night...
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