1. P

    PC wont boot plus indefinite restart cycle

    So here's my config : Motherboard: Intel DG33FB Processor: Intel E8400 Today., when I tried to switch on my PC the following happened. First, when I just switch on my UPS, the PC starts automatically, with the heat sink fan and the cabinet exhaust fan switching on for 2 secs, and then...
  2. L

    Downloads stopping midway

    Hi, I am facing this issue with my downloads. I had IDM installed on PC but it was not very much helpful.I uninstalled it and restarted my PC. After restarting, I found when ever I try to download any video or songs, it downloads a bit and then says it has finished downloading but its only a...
  3. justme101

    Low FPS in CS:Source

    So i switched from 9500GT to Sapphire HD6770 and i was expecting an FPS boost but disappointingly it didn't happen can you guys tell me what's wrong?? I used to get around 50-60 FPS in my old GPU and with the new one it's around that all i would be achieving...all my seetings are...
  4. omega44-xt

    Win 7 hangs

    Sometimes while connecting to internet via dial up, my PC gets hanged up badly. It occurs rarely like once or twice a week. I've updated my drivers, still the problem persists. What could be its solution except for reformatting ? Also downloading of some files stops at 99%. Why is this...
  5. J

    Disk defrag not working

    I tried defragmenting my hard disks but just the console pops up and nothing happens.. I’m using a Microsoft XP Home Edition [sp #3] (genuine) ….I have tried the possible ways --- Tried to defrag using the command mode (says windows cannot connect to the defrag engine) --- Used Safe...
  6. sourishzzz1234

    Is This A Ram Problem?

    MY config is:core2quad Q6600..ABIT IP35 E..ZION 2GB.. my hard disks and graphics card are all right as i have checked them... my problem is that when ever am trying to install a OS say media centre or XPSP2, or whatever...the setup loads and when the screen displaying whether u want to...
  7. A

    XP and Vista taking too long to start

    Hi guys I have a strange problem...Whenver my OS loads ie Xp or Vista,it takes at least 2 -3 minutes because my IDE connected DVD writers(one year old) try to read during the startup and my system temporarily freezes at that time ..I checked the IDE cables they are fine..I disconnected them...
  8. K

    Browser and PDF...

    Hey, i recently uninstalled 2 adobe programs Adobe AIR and Adobe reader 5 in whose place i installed adobe 9. now i get this error The problem persists with IE, Firefox and safari. no idea what to do.. please help? anyone out there?
  9. P

    Browser/Flash problem

    Hi, Whenever I open a web site with flash content in it(e.g. the browser becomes extremely slow. I have tried it on most of the browsers(IE, Firefox, Opera) but still the problem persists. I have even tried to reinstall the flash player. Please help as it is very annoying:(
  10. R

    When I press 1, opens?

    Hi Friends, I m facing a strange kind of problem...Whenever i press 1 from the keyboard that is under num lock opens.. I clear all the cookies n passwords n even uninstall n reinstall my mozilla firefoz but the problem persists.. What should i do to get my 1 back working...
  11. himtuna

    recycler/desktop.exe missing

    20 gb external hdd was infected with virus.. i cleaned it up. Now whenever i open it from my computer it gives an error message RECYCLER\DESKTOP.EXE MISSING I have changed the autorun.inf and even deleted it, but the problem still persists. I have deleted the entire recyler...
  12. ajayritik

    Strange problem with surfing!

    Recently I observed that its taking a long time for me to open any site using my browser. I thought I have some virus on my PC so I scanned it once and then installed another Antivirus and did a scan but still the problem persists. However I'm able to download using Internet Download Manager and...
  13. debiprasad_sahoo

    Where is the Folder option?

    Hello friends, I see a serious problem in some of my friends' system. They all are using windows xp with service pack 2. They are not getting the folder option icon in control pannel. When try to click on tools in the my computer menu, there is not also the folder option. Why this problem...
  14. H

    turn off is acting as restart

    when i select the option turn off>shut down , the computer is restarting itself..i tried repairing win xp using the cd but the problem me!
  15. D

    video playback problem

    i see blue stripes in when i play a video happens in all the media players....i reinstalled media player but still the problem os is win xp..any solution to this problem
  16. Charley

    I get this error when i download any files from the net.....

    This program has performed a illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor caused an invalid page fault in module <unknown> at 0000:bff8b0fa. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=0167 EIP=bff8b0fa EFLGS=00010213 EBX=00000000 SS=016f ESP=82c03f3c...
  17. M

    ms word problem

    i run win xp using antivirus norton 2005. My problem is that whenever i open MS word i get an error "norton does not support repair function please uninstall and reinstall." :( :( :( :( i did that and even repaired office but problem persists. i use office 2000. this problem is not...
  18. B

    Sudden Slowdown in performance

    i've been experiencing extreme slowdown in accessing data on my HDD (120 Gb SATA ) the screen freezes and takes forever to open the folder, and also ends up "Not Responding" many times.... earlier my D: was on FAT32, i changed it to NTFS, but the problem persists... i'm running XP with...
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