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Contact this guy if you want to start pwning in dota: Shanghai boy claims he can tell your video game future: Shanghaiist

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You were losing with that much XP advantage?

We were behind in XP the first 40 minutes. :) and they pushed five man (so there is no drastic gain in xp to them) with 3 tanks and with ud tombstone, decay and heal , it was hard for us to defend. We only able to defend coz luna and lion let me steal their ulti multiple times. Else would have been GG, coz pa, void and sniper need too much farm.

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Apparently the Dota 2 network is down worldwide.


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Had a epic game: Match 983212801 - Overview - DOTABUFF - Dota 2 Stats

The ending was rather epic. Radiant pushed 2/3 times for our ancient but we kept getting them. In the end we lost. Epic game :D

It wonder you were able to hold them, Enchantress played well.

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PA and Sb fed too much. Its great you were able to hold so long with the xp difference.


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Ha this game can run on even a Pentium (sandy bridge) was a big shock for me, all these time I was struggling to get this game to run on antique pc with a gpu and finally its keyboard also failed which made me try it on my dad's laptop and man was I in for a surprise,
Pentium b960 fellas, gets around 30-45 fps with consistent game play **** I could even alt tab
Though it didn't do nothing to my win rates though :/ need more game time
I ****ing wish I could quit everything and play this game 24x7 :/

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Was this posted here dota 2 cosplay at Bangalore comic con


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Dota 2 Main Client Update summary:

Item drops are now entirely time based instead of level based.
Drop list now includes full sets, treasures, bundles and Arcanas at a rare rate instead of frequently dropping common items
Battle boosters have been removed from the game entirely (we actually removed them from the store in September).
Players with an active battle booster will receive a free Treasure of the Rotted Gallows.
Players who had an unused purchased battle booster in their armory will receive a free Treasure Redemption Token.

Source: Dota 2 Update - MAIN CLIENT - October 30, 2014 : DotA2


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