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Does D-Link 2750U best for me ?


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I am going to get BSNL broadband . The plan is rural combo uld 500. I am thinking to buy a wireless router + modem..(because i have a wifi phone)..
My choice is D-Link 2750U because it has many good review in flipkart and very nice features like usb etc. Is the router good enough ? Also take a look at my bsnl broadband plan and suggest me if there is a better one.. I have one more question. Does the modem supports custom firmwares like ddwrt , tomato ? because they can extend the functionality of the router.Thanks in Advance.....

Sorry for the gramatical mistake on the title.... :(
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never go.for.it.....i had replacement for 2 times still it got very unstable wifi connections and disconnections...So I asked for refund from fk...they gave me..
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