1. P

    Dlink 2750u modem with bsnl broadband.. Not connecting!

    Please help anyone! I bought dlink 2750u modem 15 days back from amazon.in Now today bsnl broadband isp gave me id and password. I tried everything to configure, googled, followed installation cd but in vein! If i do follow steps of cd it finally shows"internet connection fail. Please check...
  2. B

    sugesstions needed for adsl+wi-fi router

    hallo friends, i want to buy a adsl modem+wi-fi router combo for my bsnl broadband connection. i have to connect my pc to it by ethernet cable and also share the connection with my smartphones and tablets. please suggest me a good one under inr 3000. d-link 2750u was shortliste by me but i read...
  3. A

    Dlink 2750u or Tp link TD-W8951 ?

    Hi guys I am going to get a BSNL broadband connection.. I want a wireless modem + router. But I am totally confused. I can't make a decision to buy a wireless modem. I inquired our local shops , but they have only cheap Digisol routers which do not like. First I decided to buy Dlink 2750u and...
  4. A

    Does D-Link 2750U best for me ?

    I am going to get BSNL broadband . The plan is rural combo uld 500. I am thinking to buy a wireless router + modem..(because i have a wifi phone).. My choice is D-Link 2750U because it has many good review in flipkart and very nice features like usb etc. Is the router good enough ? Also take a...
  5. P

    Want to buy a Wifi Modem[Modem+Router]

    I am looking for ADSL2+ Modem+Router [Wi-Fi] for BSNL Broadband.I am fairly impressed with Dlink 2750U N from flipkart.I have a 2 floored home with 1500 sq. ft .I am using a Desktop PC & a Dell 15z laptop. 1. Is the modem have any issues? 2. Do you have any other suggestions...
  6. D

    configuring dlink dsl 2750u for bsnl

    can any one plz provide stey by step guide to configure dlink dsl 2750u for bsnl..... i need to configure for wireless also
  7. montsa007

    Dlink 2750U + MTS Modem = Unhappy Me!

    I bought this DLink 2750U to tether my MTS Mblaze connection. I am unable to proceed anywhere, please help :( I use Win 7 64Bit.
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