Do Web Designers Need Drawing Skills?


I am very eager to learn Web Designing. I have one question to ask that Do Web Designers Need Drawing Skills?:-(
Do I need to first learn painting and sketching on paper?:cry:
Please reply me....:|


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thats helps but not really necessary. What you need is to increase usability and general feel.


Lost in speed
That will comes in handy, if you want to show some prototype to your clients. But, thats not a mandatory!
Whatever is the Design, it should make the interface simple and easy for the user.

Design is not how it looks, its all about how it works
- Steve jobs :mrgreen:


Sith Lord
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yeah you should be able to do sketches
at least be comfortable with using pencil on paper
it does help a lot
but, it's not strictly necessary


Broken In
In my opinion if you desire to become a web designer then there is no need to have drawing skills but you need to have knowledge about the latest trends and technology. Hence you should have an idea how to create an elegant website that attracts people. You should create an alluring web design in such way that visitors can easily find what they want.


Having drawing skills not mandatory,but some how it helps you. As internet is changing with new developments almost every day, a web designer also needs to be on the ball and always be learning new techniques to keep up.
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