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I have 3 questions for u guys:
1)I have a lot of movies on my hdd which I have compressed using divx from vcds. Can I burn these movies on blank cds & watch them on a vcd player in their compressed state? If yes, how?

2)What's the difference between these movie formats-' *.mpg, *.avi, & divx '?

3)Lastly, what is a usb? What does it look like? How can I check if I have one on my pc?


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about usb
usb is universal serial bus it can be used to transfer data on ur computer u might have a usb port or two check it out its uses are many u get usb cd writers, bluetooth devices infrared port ,webcams ,even if u connect two pc`s through usb u can transfer data ,

well n about the formats u gave well they differ just in quality they have different bit rates etc ,also sizes change well datz all that i know


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gambit said:
Lastly, what is a usb? What does it look like? How can I check if I have one on my pc?

On back side of ur computer, there are generally 4 rectangles, that have a flat white plastic part inside them. They are known as USB ports.
To check if u have usb ports, press Windows Key + Pause. In the window, go to Device Manager. It will have a key called USB controller if u have USB ports.


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1. No. VCD players can only play files encoded in mpg format .. and that too when the CD is a proper Video CD .

2. mpg and avi are two different types of file formats. mpg format has lesser compression in terms of size of file and avi ( or divx ) formats can very efficiently compress files to small sizes
here is a link for you :: http://www.uwm.edu/~elsmith/videofileformats.html

3. well in plain words .. usb port is used to connect PC to many other devices like cameras, printers, portable hard disks, memory sticks, etc. Your computer must be having a USB port on the back side, below the mouse/keyboard ports



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After reading the answers I assume every pc does happen to have a usb port. Now I'm planning to buy a usb drive. Can I use it in a cyber cafe like sify which has faster dwnld speeds & transfr that data on my pc instead of using the old floppy?


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first make sure that u have a USB drive...dont assume.....some PCs also have USB ports in the front of the CPU tower...as 4 ur question abt using a USB drive in a cyber cafe...yes u can...only, the computer must have a USB port and the cyber cafe owner has 2 b willing 2 let u do this....


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Well Here We Go Again....8)
Ok Lets Go One Query At a Time Shall We:
1.)No Ur Vcd Player Wont Be Able to play The Divx Files as these are not The Regular Mpeg Vcd Compliant Files but Rather highly compressed Files From Either DVD's Or Vcd's And Are Not Capable of Being Played On The Regular Vcd Players.....If U Wanna Play Them Then I Suggest U First Convert Em To .mpg and Then Burn Em On to A Cd......:)
Here's The Link For The Guides available:

2.)check Alib_i's Link..... :D Will Work On Something Else If I Can Find Sometin New :)

3.)The Usb......Ahhh Well Check This Link For info and Its Pics

Enjoy 8)
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