Denied bail, SpeakAsia COO flees


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Denied bail, SpeakAsia COO flees

MUMBAI: Tarak Bajpai, chief operating officer of SpeakAsia who was denied anticipatory bail by a Hyderabad court recently, has disappeared.

Bajpai (36), who was admitted to Thane's Jupiter Hospital for a surgery, fled from Hyderabad where he had gone in connection with the court hearing, said the police.

SpeakAsia, floated in 2010, duped many investors to the tune of Rs 2,276 crore by posing as a survey company. If an investor invested Rs 11,000, he would be given a personal account number of the company's now defunct website and a password. Each investor was promised Rs 52,000 if he/she completed 100 surveys in a year. The police said SpeakAsia had transferred Rs 1,000 crore from India to Singapore.

"Bajpai along with the other accused was arrested by the Thane police in connection with a case registered there. He then complained of health problems and was admitted to Jupiter Hospital where he was operated. Andhra Pradesh police had taken the remaining accused to Hyderabad when Bajpai was in the hospital," said an officer.

After he was discharged from the hospital, Bajpai moved Hyderabad court seeking anticipatory bail. The court denied him bail. "He then disappeared and we don't know where he is now," said an officer.

"We have found more than 175 accounts in various banks. Two cars seized from Bajpai are valued at Rs 1.30 crore. We are looking for the company's properties and will attach them with court permission," said an officer, adding that the firm's international chief, Harinder Kaur, was on the run, too.

Source - Denied bail, SpeakAsia COO flees - The Times of India


These guys really play on the aspirations of many poor innocents. Should be sent to a long jail term!


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From 2001, I M hearing many scams like online surveys, Work from home, Email Forward,Online shopping, online deals, prize money winner (emails), etc.

before speak-Asia there where many fraud companies which made same way to fraud and Looted money of investor in same way, but as usual Indian Public Forget all and put there hard work Money in this Stupid fraud like this...

But Indian public will never learn a Lesson from it. If they see adv on tv (like speak asia adv during IPL matches breaks). and checking the website , they consider the company is good and put money on that .....

My friend was also affected by this , but he still recons that i thought it was better company just it has offices all over world and have good Website... poor guy lost his 11k

This is stupid man , there is and will never be easy money!!!

I Bet in future again some one will make this online survey thing and loot Indian people...

Some Are still looting People like, , etc.. this site give u discount from 50-90%... :-o
ALL this Sites shows different product on website and u end up with Chinese and Cheap replica of the product..

How will NOKIA will sell his 5k wireless headphone @1.5k only???? i can say 5-20% discount on any site is OK , i can agree, but 50-90% discount is stupid .....

Right now this "" is making so much of ADV on TV that i bet lots of people are trying and had became victim.

"" gives u cheap replica product as well as Pain for shipment as we have to chases for weeks to get out product..

(google as " fraud" : you will get all ur details....)

Jagoo Indian People jagoo....


I think the new one is eurasiacreations. I will update the thread I created with more details so that people are more aware.


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(google as " fraud" : you will get all ur details....)

Jagoo Indian People jagoo....

Still people don't understand what is scam & what is not. But this is not the problem in India alone, but it is a big problem in all over the India.
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