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A Year Closer To Heaven
This thread is meant to be a central hub for posting the links to all the latest demos that hit the scene. I will be regularly updating ths thread as and when new demos are released. Each demo will be listed under its own post coupled with a few sceenshots to give you an idea of what the game is like and links to it's official site.

On members request, this thread has ben opened up so that all can post the latest demo on the scene. However, we would like to add a word of caution. No replies or comments regarding the demos will be tolerated on the thread. The thread is meant only for posting links to the latest demos and nothing else. No comments like "Great game!' or "It Sux!". All such replies will be promptly deleted and a warning will be issued.

Also a request to all those prospective posters on this thread. Kindly take out the time to post the links in the format that has been followed till now. It makes the thread all the more better looking and less cluttered with all the relevant information. Use the following format:
[b]Demo Details:[/b]
[b]Demo Size:[/b]
[b]Release Date:[/b]
[b]Minimum System Requirements:[/b]
[b]Recommended System Requirements:[/b]
[b]Game Reviews:[/b]
[b]Available On:[/b]
[b]Download Here:[/b]

As usual, members can freely discuss the game in their respective threads. I hope this thread will be of much use to all.

Listed Demos

Page One:
Pro Evolution Soccer 5
Age Of Empires 3
F.E.A.R. SP Demo
Bet On Soilder SP Demo
Serious Sam II
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
Call of Duty 2
Peter Jackson's King Kong
Total Overdose: A Gun Slinger's Tale In Mexico
Indigo Prophecy a.k.a. Fahrenheit
Need For Speed Most Wanted
Sid Meier's Civilization IV - Demo
Quake 4 Demo
Stubbs The Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse
Rainbow Six:Lockdown Demo
Star Wars:Empire At War Demo


A Year Closer To Heaven
Pro Evolution Soccer 5

Demo Details: This demo allows you to try an exhibition match between Arsenal, Chelsea, Valencia, or Real Madrid.

Size: 158Mb

Publisher: Konami

Devloper: KCET

Release Date: Q4 2005 (Europe)

Available on: PC / Xbox / PS2

Download Here:

Link 1



A Year Closer To Heaven
Age Of Empires 3

Demo Details:This demo for Age of Empires III includes two missions from the single-player campaign. The demo also includes a single-player skirmish mode where you can play as the British or Spanish empires in the New England and Texas maps.

Demo Size:374.6Mb

Publisher:MS Game Studios

Devloper:Ensemble Studios

Release Date:25th October 2005

Available On:PC

Download Here:

Microsoft Website


A Year Closer To Heaven
F.E.A.R. Single Player Demo

Demo Details:This single-player demo for the action-horror FPS F.E.A.R. features an introductory cutscene and a portion of the mission from the full game where you must find and neutralize Paxon Fettel.

Demo Size:662Mb

Publisher:VU Games

Devloper:Monolith Productions

Release Date:18th October 2005

Available On:PC

Download Here:



A Year Closer To Heaven
Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport SP Demo

Demo Details:This single-player demo for the futuristic shooter Bet on Soldier includes two missions: one tutorial level and one larger level that includes useable exoskeletons. You can choose to play from three different character classes with a number of different weapons.

Demo Size:554Mb

Publisher:Digital Jesters


Release Date:26th September 2005

Available On:PC

Download Here:

Link 1

Requirements: Here


A Year Closer To Heaven
FIFA 2006 Demo

Demo Details:This demo for EA's FIFA 06 includes the option to play as Manchester United, AC Milan, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, or PSG in a match at either Milennium or Azteca

Demo Size:214Mb

Publisher:EA Sports

Devloper:EA Canada

Release Date:4th October 2005

Available On:PC / Xbox / GC / PS2 / GBA / PSP / DS / Mobile / Xbox360 (Whew!!!)

Download Here:

Direct Download Link



A Year Closer To Heaven
Vietcong 2 MP Demo

Demo Details:This multiplayer demo for the Vietnam War era shooter allows for 64-player matches across two maps, "Trail and Depot". This demo also includes Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch gametypes.

Demo Size:444.7Mb

Publisher:2K Games


Release Date:7th October 2005

Available On:PC

Download Here:

Direct Download Link



Serious Sam II PC Demo

Serious Sam II PC Demo

Demo Details: The official PC demo of Serious Sam II. Includes the complete Seriousopolis Uptown level from the game, which can be played solo, or over LAN or online by up to four people. Also included are all of the weapons and one of the vehicles.

Demo Size: 235.81 MB

Publisher: 2k Games

Devloper: Croteam

Release Date: 21-Sept-2005

Platform : PC

Download Links: Server List


Cyborg Agent
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Demo

Demo Details: This demo for Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood includes some of the first chapters from the full game, including a mission through the town of Carentan. The Skirmish mode is also available, with one playable mission and three different skirmish types. This demo also includes LAN multiplayer support, as well as an Extras image gallery.

Demo Size: 630MB

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Gearbox Software

Release Date: October 6, 2005 (PC/XBox), October 18, 2005 (PlayStation 2)

Available On: PC / PlayStation 2 / XBox

Minimum System Requirements:
• 100% Windows® 2000/XP compatible computer system (including compatible 32-bit
drivers for DVD drive, video card, sound card and input devices)
• US version of Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP operating system
• Intel Pentium® III or AMD Athlon™1.0 GHz processor (2.5 GHz Pentium IV or AMD
Athlon recommended)
• 512MB RAM (1 GB or more recommended)
• DVD drive
• 3 GB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files, plus 512MB for Windows®
swap file.
• DirectX® 9.0c or higher (included on disc)
• 100% DirectX® 8.0 compatible 32MB video card and drivers (64 MB
• 3-D Hardware Accelerator must support pixel shaders 1.0 or higher*
• 100% DirectX® 8.0 compatible sound card and drivers (EAX recommended)
• 100% Microsoft®-compatible mouse & keyboard

Multiplayer Requirements:
• Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP and IPX) play supported
• Internet play requires a 100% Windows? 2000/XP 56 Kbps modem or LAN
connection (broadband with 64KBps upstream recommended)

Download Link:
GameSpot DLX
Direct Download @ GamesPlanet
More mirrors from BIA site


Cyborg Agent
Call of Duty 2 Demo

Demo Details: This is the official single-player demo for Call of Duty 2. Call of Duty 2 lets players experience four individual soldier stories as they overcome insurmountable odds. Lock and load soldier!

Demo Size: 655.7 MB

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Infinity Ward

Release Date: October 18, 2005

Available On: PC, XBox 360. Available on the XBox and PlayStation 2 in the form of CoD2: Big Red One

Minimum System Requirements:
- 3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required - 100% DirectX(R) 9.0c compatible 64 MB Hardware Accelerator video card and the latest drivers
- English version of Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000/XP
- Pentium(R) 4 1.4GHz or AMD Athlon(TM) XP 1700+
- 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended)
- DirectX(R) 9.0c (Not included with Demo)
- 100% DirectX(R) 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card and latest drivers.
- 100% Windows(R) 2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard and latest drivers
- 700 MB of uncompressed free hard disk space (plus 800MB for Windows(R) 2000/XP swap file)

Download Links:

Direct Download @ 3DGamers
GameSpot DLX

Source: MAJOR-MINOR @ Skoar! forums


A Year Closer To Heaven
Peter Jackson's King Kong

Demo Details:This single-player demo for Peter Jackson's King Kong features the two levels "Chased by T-Rex", and "Kong vs. T-Rex", where you get to play as Jack and King Kong, respectively.



Release Date:21st Nov 2005

Available On:PC/Xbox/Xbox360/PS2/PS3/PSP/GC

Download Here:3DGamers



Hanging, since 2004..
Total Overdose : A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico Demo

Demo Details: Total Overdose by Deadline Games - playable demo (1 mission) .This demo contains an introduction movie and one mission called "Smash the Stash".
The year is 1989 and deep in the sweltering heat of the Mayan jungle, camouflaged among the Mayan ruins; Ernesto Cruz catches his breath as he makes a last gasp effort to board a DEA plane to take him to safety. He never made it home, the tragic victim of an alleged 'OVERDOSE'.

Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Developer: Deadline Games

Release Date: Available Now

ESRB Rating: Mature

Available On:PC/Xbox

Download Here :
Eidos Interactive


A Year Closer To Heaven
Indigo Prophecy a.k.a. Farenheit

Demo Details:You lead an ordinary life. You have friends, a job and an everyday routine. Then, one day, it all ends. You find yourself standing over a dead body with a bloody knife in your hand. You have no idea who the victim is but one thing is certain: you've killed him. Without any recollection or reason, you can only guess at what possessed you to do this. But possession is exactly what it is. Unknown to you is that forces of an ancient prophecy are at work, with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance. Keep one step ahead of the cops, discover what lies beneath these supernatural events, and uncover their connection to an inexplicable crime wave sweeping the city.

This international demo of the adventure-thriller Indigo Prophecy, a.k.a. Fahrenheit, lets you play the opening sequence of the full retail version and includes several teaser movies. This demo is playable in multiple languages.

Demo Size: 297Mb

Publisher: Atrai

Devloper: Quantic Dream

Rating: Mature

Release Date: Available Now

Available On: PC/PS2/Xbox

Download Here:


Need For Speed Most Wanted

Demo Details: EA has released a demo for the much anticipated Need for Speed: Most Wanted. This demo has two Quick Race tracks , with three different cars, alongside three Challenge tracks: pursuit length, toll booth, and road block dodge.

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Devloper: EA Canada

Release Date: November 15, 2005

Genre: Racing

ESRB Content Descriptors: Mild Violence

Available On: PC | PS2 | PSP | XBOX | X360 | GC | DS | GBA | MOBILE

Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, or Windows XP Home operating system
Intel Pentium III (or equivalent) CPU running at 1.2GHz or higher
32MB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (Geforce2 or higher) using a supported chipset (see below)
256 MB RAM
DirectX compatible sound card
3 GB of HD space

Download Size:544.3mb

Download Here:
EA Site

[edit:techno]a few more links and download size added

Download Link
Download Link


Broken In
Sid Meier's Civilization IV - Demo

Demo Details: 2K Games has released a demo for Firaxis' Civ IV allowing you to try out a tutorial and a 100 turn demo level.

Publisher: 2K Games

Developer: Firaxis

Release Date: 24/10/05

Genre: Historic Turn-Based Strategy

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+

Available On: PC

Game Reviews:

92% @
9.4/10 @
93% at Firing Squad
5/5 stars @ Gamespy

Minimum System Requirements

Operating Systems : Windows® 2000/XP
Processor: 1.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon processor or equivalent
Memory: 256 MB RAM (Windows 2000) / 512 MB RAM (Windows XP)
Hard Disk Space:1.7 GB Free
CD-ROM Drive :4X Speed
Video: DirectX 9.0c-compatible 64 MB video card with Hardware T&L support ( GeForce 2/Radeon 7500 or better)
Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
DirectX®: DirectX® version 9.0c (included) or higher

Recommended System Requirements

Operating System: Windows® 2000/XP
Processor: 1.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon processor or equivalent
Memory:512 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space:1.7 GB Free
CD-ROM Drive : 4X Speed
Video:128 MB Video Card w/ DirectX 8 support (pixel & vertex shaders)
Sound:DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
DirectX®:DirectX® version 9.0c (included) or higher

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 or higher WITH Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
Windows XP Home or Professional w/ Service Pack 1 or higher

It is very important that you ensure that you are using the latest drivers and versions of all of your software. While doing this you might encounter some specific conflicts with the minimum specifications for Civ4.

For example, if you have an ATI video card and you are using Windows XP you must (it says recommends but when problems are present and no solutions present themselves it is sometimes necessary to make recommended a requirement) have Service Pack 2 installed to meet the requirements of the ATI driver.


Download Size:314.27MB

Download Here:


Worth Downloading


Broken In
Quake 4 Demo

Demo Details:

id Software has finally released the playable demo for Quake 4, allowing you to try out the recent sci-fi first-person shooter sequel by Raven Software. This demo includes a single-player mission from the start of the game "where you, as Matthew Kane, battle with Rhino Squad to clear a landing zone for the main earth forces", along with the multiplayer maps "The Fragging Yard" and "The Fragging Yard 1v1".

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Raven Software

Release Date: 18/10/05

Genre: Sci-Fi First Person Shooter

ESRB Rating: Mature 17+ Blood and Gore,Intense Violence and Strong Language.

Available On: PC, XBOX and XBOX360

Game Reviews:

82% @
8.2/10 @
84% at Firing Squad
4/5 stars @ Gamespy

System Requirements:

English version of Microsoft(r) Windows(r) 2000/XP
- Pentium(r) 4 2.0 GHz or Athlon(tm) XP 2000+ processor
- 512MB RAM
- 308 MB of uncompressed free hard disk space (plus 310MB for Windows swap file)
- 100% DirectX(r) 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card and latest drivers
- 100% Windows 2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard and latest drivers
- DirectX 9.0c
- 3D hardware Accelerator Card Required - 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 64MB Hardware Accelerated video card and the latest drivers.
- ATI(r) Radeon(r) 9700
- ATI Radeon 9800
- ATI Radeon X300 series
- ATI Radeon X550 series
- ATI Radeon X600 series
- ATI Radeon X700 series
- ATI Radeon X800 series
- ATI Radeon X850 series
- Nvidia(r) GeForce(TM) 3/Ti series
- Nvidia GeForce 4/Ti series
- Nvidia GeForce FX series
- Nvidia GeForce 6 series
- Nvidia GeForce 7 series

Multiplayer Requirements:

- Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported
- Internet play requires broadband connection and latest drivers
- LAN play requires network interface card and latest drivers

Download Size: 326.71MB

Download Here:





A Year Closer To Heaven
Stubbs The Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse.

Demo Details:In this game, players take on the role of the rebel himself Stubbs, a wisecracking Zombie who takes on an ultra-modern city of the future using nothing but his own carcass and the weapons of his possessed enemies. The game's tongue-in-cheek humor, innovative combat and strong storyline keep Stubbs the Zombie's gameplay as bizarre and unpredictable as its namesake.

On his quest, Stubbs lurches his way through numerous large and visually captivating indoor/outdoor environments in and around the gleaming city of Punchbowl, PA, a city built during the Eisenhower administration to show off the ultra-futuristic technology of the 21st century. Stubbs' brain-eating adventure brings him through bustling shopping districts and verdant farmlands to battle mad scientists, rural militiamen and the world's deadliest barbershop quartet. His enemies have shotguns, tanks, and all manner of futuristic weaponry. All Stubbs has is his own rotting corpse, a distinct lack of pain or conscience, and the ability to turn foes into zombie allies.

What begins as one zombie's search for revenge quickly escalates into an all-out war between the living and the dead - but this time it's the zombie fighting for truth, justice and the redemption of true love. Yes, it's a love story too.

Demo Size:231Mb

Publisher:Aspyr Media / THQ

Devloper:Wideload Games


Release Date: Out Now.

Download Here: 3DGamers


Rainbow Six:Lockdown demo

Demo Details:This demo for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown includes a singleplayer mission (South Africa) and a multiplayer map (Prison). The singleplayer mission will let players play a 'campaign mission' on two different difficulty modes: 'normal' or 'challenge' as well as in co-op. The multi-player map can be played in 'Team Adversarial' game mode. There are 17 weapons available in the demo (42 will be available in the retail version), and all the equipment and grenades are available for both single and multiplayer maps - while the Custom Character Creation and usage is available in multiplayer.

Devloper:Red Storm Ent., Ubisoft Montreal


Release Date:Q1 2006

Demo Size:519.9 mb

Download Here:



Star Wars:Empire At War Demo

Demo Details:The fate of the entire galaxy is in your hands. Are you ready?
Get your hands on this action-packed, single-player demo of Star Wars: Empire at War and take charge of an epic struggle to control the galaxy. You can start by playing the optional, interactive tutorial to learn important game concepts that will guide you to victory.

Demo Size:750 mb

Devloper:Lucas Arts Inc.

Publisher:Lucas Arts Inc.

Download Here:


Back From Deathstar
Time shift demo

Time Shift Demo


Demo details:This futuristic sci-fi shooter promises to take the first-person-shooter genre to a brand-new dimension, where time is literally in your control.

You'll assume the role of renowned test pilot Colonel Michael Swift, who, after briefly traveling back in time, has returned to find the world changed beyond recognition. An evil overlord named Krone has gained total dominion, and it is up to Colonel Swift to defeat the enemy and set time straight once again.

The demo includes one full level of the game, where you must use your timeshifting powers to infiltrate the perimeter of a heavily guarded building to meet an important rebel contact on the top floor.

Demo size: 591 mb

Developer: Saber

Publisher: Atari

Download here:
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