Dell SE198WFP or UltraSharp 1908WFP??

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I would pick Dell/Samsung/HP over Viewsonic. It may have a 2ms response time but I am pretty sure that it will be beated back and forth by the top players.

keeping dell apart ...since we know they are the best is samsung 2243NWX when compared to HP/LG/AOC or viewsonic models ...???

about viewsonic ...they call themselves number 1 display brand ...i think viewsonic are as good as samsung ..better than LG/HP/AOC ...though dell is best doubt about that...

so personally i think until unless u keep the monitors side by side ....they'll give u more or less give good picture quality...and when viewing alone everyone of them gives pretty decent picture quality.

HP usually very costly 2-3k more than other models available (atleast in my place) its definitely not worth when comes to price performance ratio..

^^its viewsonic..

my dealer is giving it to me for 13k.. AFAIK this is the only 22' model with 2ms response time..

there is one LG model which also give 2ms GTG

but its costly ...

make sure u get the version with a DVI port (as on the website its written optional )....since today when even the cheapest graphics card like 8400 GS/GT supports DVI port will not be wise to go for a 22" monitor without a DVI port ...

if u can spend a little more go for dell ...
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