[Praise] Dell RMA Service Just Rocks !!!


I Had Purchased A Dell IN2020M Monitor along my build , but just recently I noticed some dead pixels on it at 5 places (or more)...I tried to run may program for struct pixels but no change was seen.. Contacted Local Dell Service Center But they said they are here only for laptops and not any other parts..so they told me to contact the Customer Care department .. I call The CC and they Transferred My Call To (what they Say) Monitor Department and Registered My Complaint and Said the Replacement Monitor Will Reach Me In 3-4 days..
I Was In A Surprise how so it was so easy....:shock:

Within A Hour I got a call from them saying that their policy has changed and now I have to send them picture of the dead pixel via Email ASAP

So I Took Images From MY Camera and Send them and kept waiting for three days after three days :-? I had no responce from them so called their CC the guy over there asked me the size of Images and it was more than 40 mb ..he told that their server wont accept the Images more than 20 mb and thus they have not recieved My Email... So I Just resized the Images and send them while he was on hold and Vola He said your Replacement has Been Approved..

Next Day A Guy Came with a monitor But Not IN2020M But IN2030 and Gave the new one but he didint gave Me the Box and no I Have A New Monitor and all this Within 7 days.


BMG ftw!!
Well, I guess production of IN2020M have stopped as they are no longer availible in local market.
So they had to auto-upgrade your monitor.
But onsite RAM you say? Impressive!!


No Single 40 Mb Image ...multiple 3 to 5 md Snaps at 12 MP Nikon D3200....:p

But Their Service is impressive!!!


this one is another
Just my answer to here, same prob, same monitor,

+ 1 For dell This week i had my monitor replaced twice, Both the replaced monitors were brand new and they replaced within 24 - 48 hrs both the time,

Earlier my first monitor had a single White line appearing on top of the screen
The ist replaced monitor had the entire screen white after 5 minutes of switching, I found the problem as soon as I connected the first time when recieved in my hands,
This is the second replacement within 17 hours,

Dell seriously gives the best after sales service I've ever had than any company :)
Love you Dell...

BTW monitor model Dell IN2030M 20" HD LED...
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