[Query] Data recovery from hard disk and warranty ?


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Hi Digiters,

I have a Seagate SATA barracuda 7200.11 HDD. One fine day, the BIOS was unable to detect my HDD and I checked it on my friend's PC. The diagnosis was probably the HDD had electrical fault rather than mechanical as I never heard noises during its lifespan.

Anyways I have submitted the drive for data recovery at Nehru Place,Delhi. The drive is under warranty from Seagate. The data recovery guy at the shop has said that he will issue a certificate stating that the HDD was used for data recovery purposes and based on this certificate Seagate will honor the warranty.

Please advise - Is it true that If I submit this certificate I can claim a replacement drive under warranty ?


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Don´t know about the certificates, but in my case, when my HDD got crashed, i just went to the retailer from whom I had bought HDD & said him the problem. He said to wait for a week for replacement. I got replacement for that HDD on 12 day after that HDD crash.

I think u will be able to claim for replacement since its under warranty! just keep those bills and other docs safe for future reference (details like part number, model, RPM speed etc...)
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