d link modem trouble

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i am using bsnl dataone with a d-link modem [GLB 502 T]

the modem is powered by my ups but still whenever there is a minor voltage fluctuation

[ ie whenever there is a change over from main power to ups and back to main power due to voltage fluctuation ]

the connection is lost

[except for the power led , the adsl led ppoe led ,lan/usb led turns off ]

is my modem faulty ???

even if its just a minor fluctuation and the all the lights [asl ppoe lan/usb turns off] except the power LED

guys u have to help me cuz i havent been able to download anything ; half way into the downloads most of the time the connection is lost due to a voltage fluctuation

pls the situation is really pathetic :

i had to downlaod 4 100 mb rs files 3 times inorder to get it right

pls pls pls

and once i had to download a 60 mb file 8 times due to the voltage fluctuation
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Well, as I understand, you are using an ADSL modem. This does not require the UPS Protection at all.
I've been using Dataone for 2 yrs now (Yep, started it when it was first launched) and have never found any such problem.
In any case, Try resetting the modem (u wud have to use a paper clip to keep the reset button pressed for around 10-15 secs.)

Turn off all the devices, including the UPS and wait for around 10 mins and then turn them back on again and then check

Try with a frnds modem for a few days and check if that is having the same problem as well, this means that the fault lies with the UPS and call the APC guys, they provide good service.

If nothing works, dump the modem and get another one, or check if there is someone who can repair it.


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There is no fault in your modem....the same thing happening with mine too though my modem is MT882 from Huawei.

This device are very sensitive when they are operational condition, with a sec of voltage fluctuation's (not available,the time when your UPS activate the battery power) it loose the DSL Link.

Our PC's are not sensitive like that....Tech people are explain it more clearly here.

For your problem use Download Manger which can resume broken download
Or use Torrent client if the file available in torrent download.


@ dissel

hmm....so wat u r tryin to say is that ... i cant do anything about it ?

hmm...thats bad man... then i'll never be able to download anything from rapidshare again....

but how about this :

making an exclusive power outet to the modem from the inverter ?

so the modem will work on the inverter battery all the time !!!

so i dont have to worry about the voltage fluctuation any more rite

but dissel some of ma friends are using modems from bsnl and they dont have this problem !!
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As you seriously doubt that your modem is faulty then, use your friends modem as suggested by @ECE0105.

It shows you true/clear picture....Thats all I have to say...right now.


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I have solved the voltage fluctuation problem with Dlink GLB 502T using a switch mode power supply adapter instead of dlink supplied adapter.It cost me Rs.250/-.Earlier internet connection used to get disconnected when there is minor change in voltage.Dlink adapter cannot handle this. Using UPS does not also help.But my new made in India adapter can handle voltage change.So no more disconnection.My adapter is
"Oswal SMPS Power Adapter"
Input 100v to 240v
Out put- can be switched between 3V to12v

Although dlink requires 9V input,I have set adapter to 12V, as setting it to 9V is not working.You can use SMPS adapter with 9V output if you can find.I am satisfied now.Here is some screen shot of my adapter-

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