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  1. R

    No Power signal nor Sound in my altec Lansing VS2621 after some power fluctuation :(

    Hello Digit, My Speakers, Altec Lansing VS 2621, stopped working yesterday. There was some power fluctuation after which the power led & sound from my speaker went off. Sadly they were connected directly to power socket instead of ups. Please suggest me if I can change any I.C. or any part to...
  2. U

    Computer Restarting and unrhythmic movement

    Hello everybody, I've the following rig CPU : AMD Phenom II X6 Motherboard : Asus M4A89GTD Pro RAM : Gskill Ripjaws 2gb*3(1600 Mhz) HDD : Seagate 500gb*2 and Seagate 1Tb Graphics Card : GTX 660 2gb DDR5 SMPS : Corsair VX 550W Cabinet : NZXT Tempest Evo Monitors : Dell 20" LED and...
  3. vrk

    does switchboard matters ???

    while playing games on machines sometimes get restarts or shutdown ?? but while watching movies or using internet it doesn't. I don't understand what is the main problem . my engineer says that there is problem in switchboard . so i want to know does it matter ???? does fluctuation of...
  4. sanny16

    Fluctuation on dell led monitor

    I have Dell 21.5 inch LED Panel Monitor-S2240L (Black) and its only 6 months old. I have noticed slight fluctuation or flickering effect only on a specific portion on top right hand side of the screen. What could be the cause of such flickering? The content on the screen does not flickering but...
  5. G

    My PSU got smoked, need advice please

    Yesterday there was a voltage fluctuation near my area and my PSU got burnt..white smoke came out of it and some kind of oil was dripping from it. I was directly connecting the power supply and was not using a UPS. So please answer my following questions: 1. Buying a UPS will be enough to...
  6. R

    Computer restarts when voltage fluctuates

    hi people. i have a very big proble, with my computer for past 2 months... it restarts almost more then 5 times in an hour due to voltage fluctuation... i bought a new V guard stabilizer and also iball UPS-600v. yet the problem remains... My system config is Huntkey SMPS - 600V 2*1 TB HD...
  7. J

    Help for voltage fluctuation

    hi, We have medical device known as COULTER (Cell counter) used for estimation of blood counts and hemoglobin. How to protect it from voltage fluctuation? What instrument is to be connected prior to it? Its also connected with online UPS. We have ensured proper earthing, but whether...
  8. A

    TX850V2 Voltage Fluctuation increased!

    The fluctuation in the 5V rail has increased and in about 10 seconds it fluctuates between 4.92V and 4.95Vv about 5times.I dont think that is a normal characteristic of a "high quality psu". Please let me know if its okay? Coz i remember even in my iball days the 5V appeared more stable!:?
  9. omega44-xt

    Sony LCD Problem

    I'm having a Sony 26" LCD (KLV-26S400A) TV (3 years old). Sometimes when there is a voltage fluctuation , the TV goes off with a 'tak' sound. Dealer says that it is due to internal stabiliser. But sometimes even without a voltage fluctuation the TV goes off. After 5 minutes when i turn on the...
  10. kool

    UPS problem in low voltage, power fluctuation, PC getting restart..

    Hi guys. My UPS is now 1 year old, its working fine until power fluctuation has started in this summer. My PC has restarted more than 5 times a day. :-x:-xUPS is giving backup, but unable to control power fluctuation in my home. These little bit low voltage, Others appliances working fine even...
  11. ajayritik

    Problem with UPS

    Recently my UPS is giving problem. Though its able to give back up whenever there is power cut, it gets switched off whenever there is a power fluctuation. What could be the problem? Not necesarily a power cut but if there is even a slight power fluctuation it turns itself off.
  12. outlaw

    d link modem trouble

    i am using bsnl dataone with a d-link modem [GLB 502 T] the modem is powered by my ups but still whenever there is a minor voltage fluctuation [ ie whenever there is a change over from main power to ups and back to main power due to voltage fluctuation ] the connection is lost [except...
  13. S

    UPS Service

    I have WIndows XP SP2 and i want to know how to start UPS service. I have LUMINOUS 600 VA UPS. Also will voltage fluctuation affect UPS service, meaning that during fluctuation my PC will hibernate(if i set it to do so)???
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