CS 1.5 Indian servers

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Looking for Indian servers hosting CS 1.5. or anybody know of any other good servers with decent pings :) ?


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I too wanna know something. Sometime back, airtel 's website said something about airtel cs servers with low ping and stuff. I didn't play cs back then. But now that I have source, I cudn't find it. Anybody know?


u cant play cs1.5 online or for that matter any valve mods unless u have steam.but indian cs servers are rare primarily coz of high bandwidth costs.


I host the CS source server myself in the evening.
Hosted in mumbai. So people from India get good pings on it provided their cable is not totally sucky :p
People get 30-90 ping on my server if they are from India. I think thats more than good playing experience.
PM me with your msn ID. I will add you.
I put the server address/IP in the MSN so you know what ip to join and when my server is online.
Many indian players play on it so you might enjoy it.


i hav tried kawabonka...there are hardly ppl online n normally dey all suk at d gamz...like deyr worse than da bots lol

i hav playd on dese b4, dey were in delhi n pretty fast. dono if they still work: port 27015
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