creating a PayPal account

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Sukhdeep Singh
Paypal doesnt really need a a card to open account. You will have sight limitations without card.

Most likely your card should work :)

Sukhdeep Singh
assasin said:
^^^ then how shall i make payments if i dont use a card?

Oh when i read your question, i thought you just wanted to open a accout for receiving payments so just wanted to make it clear. You dont need card for openiong card. Off course u need a card to fun your account :D


In the zone
Alternatively you can fund your acct, by receiving money from other paypal accts holder in lieu of service.


yes me too i dont have money in paypal account of mine but i want to getmoney in it

i vh SBI internet bank accunt and SBI ATM cum DEBIT card what do i do ???
this net bank account of ne use here ?
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