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Create a bmp file editor using VB or VC, How????

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Dear friends,
I am looking for codes for the foresaid topic as my exams are near and i dont have time to get this assingment done.
Plz help me
tnx in advance


Cyborg Agent
For doing it in vc++, you can follow the previous post link. But it's too simple to do in vb. Just create a picturebox and you are done!

The Picture box has many graphics methods like putpixel, circle, line, rectangle, etc and many properties like backcolor, fillcolor, forecolor, autoredraw, etc that you can use to create a basic MSPaint.

To load a picture, whether it be a bmp or jpg, into the picturebox, use the loadpicture() function. After the user's finished drawing, you can call the savepicture() method of the picture box to save the picture. You can only save in bmp, I think. For saving in other formats, you need to license yourselves their dll.
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