1. bssunilreddy

    [For Sale] Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo

    Hai, 1. *Model number and details: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo 2. *Date of purchase: 18-03-2015 3. Reason for sale: Bought another CPU Cooler 4. Warranty details: 17 months warranty left 5. *Expected Price: Rs.1,000 6. *Location of Seller: Hyderabad 7. *Pictures along with your User ID + date...
  2. rijinpk1

    CPU cooler requred for rs 1400.

    as the title indicates, i am in need for a cpu cooler for rs 1400 or less. My configuration is in my Sig.anyway I am posting here the config. CPU - Intel core i7 3770 Mobo - intel DH77EB RAM - corsair vengeance 2X 4gb Case - Antec X1 maximum cooler height supported - 150mm i was...
  3. Silent_Psycho

    Does my stock 2500K need better cooling?

    Hello, friends. This is my first thread on Thinkdigit forum. Here are my system specifications: 2500K - Running at stock clocks with stock cooler. ( I am not sure about how to check whether it is overclocled or not, I did change some settings in AI suite.. but it shows my max freq as 3.4Ghz...
  4. rahul.007

    URGENT-> psu upgrade + new cooler

    I will be adding a gpu in about a month or two my system and hence i am upgrading my psu. I am thinking of getting corsair gs 600. my mx budget for psu is 4k. Any other options in that range? Secondly, i will also be getting a cpu cooler.. i am thinking of getting cm hyper 212+ for abt 2.1k...
  5. R

    Cooler Master TX3 or Hyper 212+

    Hi all, I have the following config: AMD Athlon II X4 635 - Gigabyte 880 GM-UD2h - Corsair GS 700 - CM Elite 430 - XFX HD 6850 - 4 * 2 GB 1333 MHz RAM - 1 TB WD I want to buy a heat-sink for this rig. I am not going to overclock at all. So i was wondering if the TX3 would be sufficient...
  6. jerrin_ss5

    Cabinet and CPU cooler recommendation

    hey i was planning to buy a new cabinet with a budget of abt. 2.1k and cooler of budget 1.2k so i narrowed down my search to NZXT Gamma NZXT :: Unique. Unprecendented. Inspired - Gamma Product Detail mainly b'coz of its cable mgmt. feature and CPU cooler to Cooler Master Hyper TX3 CPU...
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