1. Nerevarine

    Discussion: Counterfeit products : Transcend/Kingston RAM

    I have found out that many sellers, have been selling counterfeit transcend , kingston RAM.. Snapdeal already gave refund on a similar counterfeit product but this time I tried .. I ordered one from a reputed seller (5 petals) to check if they sell genuine ones before ordering a full...
  2. B

    Nehru Place among world's top 30 notorious IT markets: Report

    WASHINGTON: Indian capital's famous Nehru Place market has been placed among the top 30 notorious IT markets of the world that deal in goods and services infringing on intellectual property rights, an official US report has said. "Nehru Place is reportedly one of the many markets in major...
  3. Q

    Counterfeit Kingston USB from ebay

    Recently, there are some counterfeit cases happened on ebay. Huge capacity with super cheap price is always a typical trap... Here are some useful microsites for...
  4. S

    XP failed gunuinity test

    one of my friend failed the windows genuinity test when he was updating his system. as a result " u r victim of software counterfeit" is coming. is there any way so that this message will not come is he going to be sued in any way?
  5. Kiran.dks

    Microsoft Speeds Up Actions Against Counterfeit Auctions Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday it filed a series of criminal and civil actions against alleged counterfeit dealers that auction software online. The cases are against sellers who allegedly have misused their eBay Inc. or other auction-site accounts to sell counterfeit...
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