CONTEST ALERT - Synology-Digit NAS Review Contest - Win NAS units and HDDs


For me, doing benchmarks isnt possible right now because I lack the equipment. im in the middle of a transition and the minimum I need for benchmarks is a gigabit router (preferably with multiplexing) and a laptop/desktop with ethernet port. I lack both atm lol.. I will update in the future for sure.


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First of all enjoy the devices hehe don't get pressurized by these things Im saying :D Its over. But I will explain opportunity here.
It is okay, it is very clear when routers are the bottleneck. That should not stop anyone from testing on that set up. Just saying.
For example, the comparison that was made of connecting both LAN cables to same router then showing speed was really helpful!
One of the best things that we can do as a brand is to give device manufacturers genuine feedback about market expectations. The power cables, lack of wifi, unmarked screw bags, its things like these that make any review valuable. We have a community review prepared based on snippets of all the reviews, these will go up on digit site.

Will keep you all updated of progress ^^
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Alright, I added following information to my review, in 2nd and 3rd reserved posts:

Known issues and resolutions,
Wallpaper bug,
Setting up firewall,
Auto Block and Account protection,
2 FA Authentication,
SSH Service.


Do let me know anyone, if there's somebody is curious about any other thing and I shall try to add them to my review.


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Yes I think others have done a very good job with their reviews. @imcj, @whitestar_999 and @Nerevarine indeed have done a really good job with details and analysis. And specially @imcj, wow the coloful images! Puts the pics I took to shame.

My objective was to write a "digit" style article. Also I had taken a lot more screenshots and pictures. But didn't want to make the article picture heavy, so selected few good pics.
I also intended to add more stuff later. Will add soon. Thanks for reminding.
Thanks for the compliment. I really like to click pictures and make videos. But I know many buyers prefer unfiltered straight out of camera pics that you provided in your review.
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