1. F

    Need a Router With Good Range.... 8k Budget

    Hi, I am currently using the Cisco E1200.... however its range is not soo good and need to use 2 range extenders to get 2 the other end..... is there any good routers which provide really good range.... so atleast i can get rid of 1 range extender in between
  2. B

    4 broadband connection in one switch

    I have 4 broadband connection and I cannot afford connectivity issues in internet connection, can somebody tell me about any device that can be used which help in connecting to the alternate internet connection when one broadband connection goes down. Thanks Bhumit Choudhary ~snip~
  3. N

    How to make two wifi routers talking to each other

    Hi. I have encountered a networking issue and request help from the community. Basically : I need to connect two routers via WIFI signal. Detailed: I have two locations, approx 120 meters away(Clear Line of sight). I have one IBall 150N ADSL Modem cum router for my primary network...
  4. josin

    Are there any DD-WRT or Open WRT Capable ADSL routers Selling in India?

    I am planning to buy a DD-WRT or Open-WRT Capable ADSL router for my home use. I have a bsnl Broadband connection and am currently using D-Link DSL-2750U. I have some serious issues with my router. Few days back i have noticed some serious drop in connection speed. This was noticeable only after...
  5. N

    Need to buy an wifi +modem for bsnl

    I want both devices in one unit. But I don't know what to purchase as I have no knowledge of wifi routers please suggest routers in fk link max budget is 2k . Please suggest asap . Thanx in advance .:o
  6. S

    WiFi Router around 2k - Is N13 still the best option?

    Ok, so before last week, I had zero knowledge of anything related to routers. After a few days of scanning these forums, it seems the N13 is popularly recommended. I've also read that the N13 is a bit old now. And all the recent reviews for it on Flipkart seem negative for some reason. I...
  7. A

    increase wireless range

    hi guyzzz i am having issues with my wifi signals.i am currently using beetel 450tc1 which does not carry signals to my first floor.please suggest me some solution 450 tc1 uses a 2db antenna and it does not support 'n'configuration I was thinking of buying a diiferent router 1.TP-LINK TL-WR740N...
  8. 1

    How to install high gain 22dbi anteena on routers

    Hello Friends, I just bought 22DBi high gain antenna's. I attached it to my Tenda N150 wifi router which has a detachable antenna, Signal did not improve, i tested it on internal Dlink wifi card there it improved the signal strength. then i tested it on different routers but no improvement...
  9. D

    Asus DSL-N55U Router Review.

    Asus DSL-N55U Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router Introduction :- Asus DSL N55U is an attempt from Asus in field high-end ADSL-Modem Router, I call it little brother of Asus RT-N66U with Modem functionalities. Its one of the few routers which offers Dual Band with Modem with 2 CPUs running...
  10. r4gs

    #2> ASUS RT-AC66U, RT-N66U, EA-N66: Setup and configuration

    Previously we had looked at the unboxing and preview of a couple of routers and an adapter from ASUS. We were quite pleased with their unique design, boxed contents and the slew of features they offered. Moving on, in this article, we’ll be describing about how easy it is to go about and setup...
  11. sriharsha_madineni

    [For Sale] Wireless ADSL Routers : Utstarcom WA3002G4, Cisco - Linksys WAG120N

    Product Name: Utstarcom WA3002G4 / Cisco-Linksys Wireless Modem Router - WAG120N Price in India, Buy Cisco Routers Devices Online - Expected Price: Rs.900 for UTStarcom, Rs. 1900 for Linksys Time of Purchase: Oct 2010 for Utstarcom, Nov 2011 for Linksys Remaining Warranty period...
  12. V

    Router for reliance broadband

    i need a good router for reliance broadband under 2500rs.... plz suggest me a good 1 asap.... my home is of 3 floors....ground,1st and 2nd. 3bhk having 2 walls in between from each corner on each floor.... it should have a good range....and connection dropouts shouldn't be there...
  13. M

    blocking access to router

    I have D Link DSL-2520U router it has two ports lan port and usb port . lan port is connected with my desktop computer , and usb port is free . now in the absence of mine my younger brother uses to connect the internet through usb port in his tablet and laptop and crossed the internet...
  14. J

    Which 3G router

    Hi, I have shifted my house and in the new place, there is no option for wired connectivity. I am planning to get an Airtel 3G datacard and need to get a 3G router. Looking at the list here...
  15. K

    Plz help in choosing between these 2 routers !!

    I am confused between these 2 routers 1) cisco linksys e900(Cisco Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router | Router | 2) d link dir 615(D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N 300 Router | Router | if there are routers better than the once listed above PLZ suggest them too Thanks in...
  16. B

    3G router for bsnl broadband - help me to choose.

    Hi all, After extensive search and reading the various suggestions by the fellow digit members here, I have narrowed down to purchase any 1 of the below 2 routers for bsnl broadband. 1.DLINK DWR-113 3G 2. TPLINK TL-MR3220 Among this 2, which one to select? Most importantly...
  17. I

    Wifi router.

    Hi guys..i want to buy new wifi router..plsz suggest a good wifi budget is max 2500..i will mostly buy from is the link of routers at flipkart..thanks.. Routers Price List India: Network Components:
  18. D@rekills4

    Link 2 routers and make 1 workgroup?

    So, I have 2 Wireless routers.... One is a BSNL wireless router in which our phone line is directly connected.... And from the first router a wire is connected to the second LinkSYS router..... Both the routers run completely fine and provide internet.... The only problem is that the...
  19. T

    router and bridges

    what is the core difference between bridges and routers????
  20. N

    Connecting two routers?

    Good day everyone. I have two routers viz. Dlink DSL-2750U and Netgear JWNR2000. I have one computer connected using a wire to the DSL-2750U and two computers connected to the JWNR2000 using wires. I would like to know if it would be possible to connect these two routers together? I already...
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