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Computer Mags Around the World

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anyone has any idea on what computer mags around the world offer ??? we get dvd/cd and linux distros etc . what do the mags around the world offer in terms of content , quality etc . most of us know what online mags abroad look like . what abt the printed mags ???


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dude go in any Crossword outlet.....u can find meny..BTW PCmag gives fabulus softs and contents a to the mark ....but prizes....toooo igh....300-400/- min.. :(


Yes the price is too high but the content is highly rated.... I once tried the MACFORMAT magazine. It was cool...


The international mags might not be that helpful for an Indian reader. The software as well as hardware market of India differs widely from that of any international market. Moreover, the new inventions you see in those mags doesn't hit the Indian market immediately after their release in the international market! So, they don't seem to help much except for providing the updated data!
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