1. ax3

    AVG or Avast ! ! !

    will b installing new OS so kinda need to install AV also ... was using avast6 ... should i change it to AVG or keep it same ??? ppl using AVG plz reply, how is it ??? coz its rated as TOP 1 free av by digit & other mags ....
  2. ax3

    Digit 2008 mags ! ! !

    in which dvd can i find "Digit 2008 mags & fast track" ???
  3. G

    Old Digit Mags, from 2005 to 2006

    I want to dispose of old digit mags. I am studying in US, so they are lying here unread. My parents wanted me to dispose them off, so .. any takers? I am from secunderabad, and if anyone in and around sec/hyd, pls contact me at: randomlives at gmail dot com. I would be giving out only the...
  4. entrana

    digit december

    hey guys whats the cost, and whats in the cds and mags
  5. C

    free online game magazine

    guys check these mags out at they feature inbuilt movies in the pdf and other interactive content. you need acrobat reader 8 to view them correctly and what is the best thing bout it? different mags for different systems
  6. B

    Want to give old DIGIT CHIP mags for Free

    Hi, I have a huge collection of old CHIP DIGIT mags all in very good condition. If interested, please contact me ASAP. I would like to give them free to any genuine DIGIT lover.
  7. K

    Computer Mags Around the World

    anyone has any idea on what computer mags around the world offer ??? we get dvd/cd and linux distros etc . what do the mags around the world offer in terms of content , quality etc . most of us know what online mags abroad look like . what abt the printed mags ???
  8. GameAddict

    Magazines with full content online?

    Hi, Do you know of any Magazine Sites where the Issue's content are available online? I am interested in IT/Gaming/Book Reviews Magazines. The ones I know: PC World-> Network Magazine(India)-> Book Magazine->...
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