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Compression help

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Need help to reduce dat file .
i need to copy these 882mb dat file size to another 700mb cd !

i tried to over burn with nero and the result was burning failure and the cd contents did not work too.

any method to compress dat further so that i can fit it to 700 mb VCD


if it is a VCD u can directly copy it into a 700MB CD because VCD is based on the 80min track

if that too doesnt work convert it into divx using virtualdub or dr divx


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The size is not a problem but a cd can oly store upto 80 mins.

Whats the total lenghth of ur vcd.U cant store over 80 mins.


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Thx swat kat ! that used to be my normal way of copying but now my digit dvd has gone one repair right on the second day i am trapped !

i sold out my old lg ! did a big mistake !

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u can try the .mp4 convertor convert the vcd to .mp4 format this format is too small my 700 movies reduces to merely 300 mb wuality is also good
well u can store atleast 2 movies in 1 cd


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ok! then try out Xvid compression .. great compressor .plus..

It's a freeware! .. & vysakh I'm not so sure abt ur information gonna try it :wink: ..

Man! use VCD Clipper! if Xvid doesn't work! ..

Gud luck !! :D


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The best thing to do in your case is to get any converter program, copy the .dat file to the hard disk, open it in the converter and select export to AVI, and specify a target file size of 700MB. Once its done, all you have to do is open Nero's VCD creation window, and drag and drop the file. Nero will automatically recode the file back into the VCD MPEG format, and this time, you will be able to fit it onto a CD.


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don't use Dr. Divx if you intend to make it a VCD.

instead, use VCD Cutter to cut the 882 mb file into two parts of about 450 mb each, then burn those parts onto 2 separate cds as VCDs (disc 1 and disc 2)
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