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My combo drive of LG HL-DT-ST GCC 4521B failed after driver installation. My BIOS can not detect it. Also it can not powered ON.
What is the reason & possible solution.
Please suugest me.


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Must be some problem with the powersupply.
Are you sure it was working before installing the drivers.
Cos there is no way the device driver can cause the cdr to fail.
Yours is a hardware failure .
Claim your warranty and return it to your vendor.


U should have posted ur PC configuration.

A typical Combo drive could consume upto 40 Watt of power.
Maybe your Power Supply Unit is not able to support it.
Try removing all the additional stuff like modem,sound card,any other drive if present etc(Don't remove the Combo drive :wink: ) and then try booting it.
Or else if ur friend has a higher rating PSU, try swapping and check.

Note:- Make sure that the Power supply connector to your combo drive is not loose
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