Coldplay's new album-awesome

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Coldplay's new album "Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends" has been released officially in Japan and we can expect the international release soon..

You can listen to the tracks on the band's Myspace page here:

The band made available the first single "Violet Hill" from the new album as a free download..


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The band moved in a new direction with this one. I am currently listening to it.Oh , I love the single tho!!!


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The album is splendid. It is smooth. I have been listening to only Via la Vida for the past 3 days.


I have Yolks not Brains!
I just started today..............42, Viva La Vida and Violet hills are my fav now...........i've listened twice only till now


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the first coldplay album that hit the stores in time.. :)
that song is are the others
Cemeteries of London is too good..


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the album is so good then i cant stop listening it specially Cemeteries of London its too or way way better even then clocks i listen Cemeteries of London 57times a day


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well, i liked the old sound better. there is not a single song that feels like clocks or speed of sound. that was coldplay's trademark. for me Cemeteries Of London, Lost, Lovers In Japan-Reign Of Love and Violet Hill are the standouts. I really like Lost!


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^^ lost their originality this time. Yellow, Fix You kind.
Anyways listned to Violet Hill, its good.

Im being charged by my network carrier here(using gprs). So will listen to only one.
2 choices: vivala vida and violet hill. Listened to violet hill sometime back. Was gud but dont remember the song right now. So among those two which should i listen to?
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i did not like viva la vida too.. i liked violent hill tho... should try others...


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I have yet to find a track that is crappy in this album (unlike in X&Y where there we a couple of 'mehs'). Death and all his friends is also a smoking track. I just love the way it totally changes in between.

Of course, Cemetries of London is like a national anthem. Meant to be played loud at a football game! :)
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