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Chrome Captures 1% Market Share In Just Nine Hours

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Chrome, Google's new browser, has really started with a bang. It has managed to capture over 1% of the market share in just 10 hours of its launch, writes TG Daily. The hourly tracking of Chrome on Market Share has revealed that Chrome passed 0.5% in just 2 hours. By midnight (EDT) it had surpassed 1% of the market share. By next day 4 a.m., it actually hit 1.48% share, after which it continued at 1% for the rest of the day.

Capturing 1% of the market share hasn't really come as a surprise, considering the leadership position that Google enjoys in the consumer Internet space, plus the attention the browser received in the past two days. However, we cannot ignore the fact that 1% share is a huge piece of the pie, but only time will tell if Chrome will be able to maintain the same growth rate as the novelty wears off.

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Getting 1% market share isn't a big deal for Google. How they maintain their market share after a month will be interesting to note.
Dunno about market share but i uninstalled it the moment i read their EULA in detail. Scary, it is :|. I cannot feel good about this browser while knowing that anything that i enter in it can be used by Google. IE8 Beta2 as my primary browser + Firefox 3.01 + Opera work great for me.
It has captured such a high market share already mainly because of its extremely light weight. It has only those features that are required, and at the same time it implements those features very well.


Maybe its cos everyone wants to try it out since it's from google :rolleyes:. I don't think those 1/2.578% of users use it as their primary browser. For me it's no the privacy thing, it just doesn't ring a bell.


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personally.. ifeel ok with this browser.. i dont care s**t about privacy .. cause google already knows a lot of me by orkut. and stuff. as per browser. i feel its great and really lets you do what u want from a browser. and yep.. i guess i was also downloadin it in the first two hours of its launch.. and by guessing at the speed it was installing with at that time.. 1percent seems realistic. hope the speed has improved now.


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I think it's just the initial period where everyone is trying it out to see what all the fuss is about. After they realise that Chrome offers hardly anything worthwhile over their current browser they'd all go back and the numbers will fall.

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Yeah this was normal, due to simple fact that 90% of internet users use google as their search engine and approximately 60% people will download chrome. This is just an estimate which i made,nevertheless this is a good start for a newly launched web browser


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i tried the portable version of chrome...was impressed with the speed, especially gmail loading speed...but didnt feel like sticking on to it...FF3 is good enough for me...


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Dude, 1% of the user trying out a beta product does not mean that the market share has been altered. It is just beta testing!!
Market share can be counted once the browser is in the market for months and the period of considerations is in months, not a few hours.


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Few things making Chrome a solid browser for me (from using it at office).

  1. No non-sense UI (not even a title bar Wow!).
  2. Lighting fast JS. Let internet remain open without forcing multitude of nasty proprietary plugins for fast RIAs.
  3. Light weight (consequence of no non-sense design I feel).
  4. Excellent standards compatibility (nothing special to chrome but not a negative either).
  5. Using open-source components and releasing under open-source. Google has also thanked Mozilla and Webkit in its Chrome comic book. :)
Only irritation about it is non-availability of Linux version. But Google has promised a Linux version and has promised to notify me on release.


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chrome = ie+ff+opera+safari .......

so y install it ?
Because it is not "IE, FF, Opera, Safari". :p

But you forgot V8 seriously it is a superb JS engine. A highly interactive AJAX app which I have been developing, sucks on IE, rocks on FF and screams on Chrome (my personal experience). Since Google is a huge lover of AJAX and JS, I guess their prime motive in Chrome was superb JS.

If JS execution speed is continuously improved by FF and Chrome while remaining standards compliant, we need no Flash or Silverlight for more than 90% of enterprise RIAs.


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chrome = ie+ff+opera+safari .......

so y install it ?
The answer lies in your very statement. It incorporates all the other browsers so yes, use it!

Anyway, you forgot some math in there. Chrome = ie+ff+opera+safari-a of other things.
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