Check out the new Sony PSP released in US

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Hey guys check out the new Sony PSP entertainment center.
Its a complete entertainment centre on which u can view pics, hear music, play games and a whole lot of other stuff.
I talked to friend of mine in US who bought one and he says that the PSP scans ur locality for other PSP users playing the same games and u can get connected without a point of contact such as a router.
He warned me that the memory card is so small that u can easily lose it unless its plugged in! And the whole package only costs $250 for them!
Thats like, what, Rs 10000-12000? Imagine what a thing like this would cost when released in India! and God knows when its gonna be released here.
I'm checking out if I can get some1 in US to send it over to me...
I guess all we can do now is to pray and wait for its release in India hoping that it wont dig too much into our pockets when it finally arrives.


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Well, this makes for an ideal post in the "Gamerz" section, but then one can think of it as Hardware too, but lets leave that for the mods.

Eventhough PSP has started selling here in India in the grey markets and, the price are still prohibitively high. They haven't dropped below 17,000/- yet which is a little too much even for the most hardcore gamer in us.

Add to that the UMD's. God knows when these UMD's will be available here. As of now the UMD's can't be cracked and the PSP cannot be modded. So it leaves you with no other option but to get those rare UMD's at prices ranging between 2000-3000/-. Give me an X-Box anyday!
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