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Check disk problem

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Dear friends
i am running WIn xp sp2, Due to frequent power cuts my pc gets affected teribly.
Now what has happened recently was there is "Disk checking " everytime i log on.
i am really frustated with this.
Xp is installed on D: drive
Disk checking procdure runs for C: and E:
All my drives are NTFS.

Plz help evade the disk check.
tnx in advance

nach p

Due to frequent power cuts your system is shutting down improperly ,so it is necessery to check the disk.
If you want to cancel it then just click any key before 10 sec.. while showing on screen.
I think your C and E must be FAT 32.Once again check file system.



i fixed the prblm,
my c and e drives are NTFS for sure
i fixed it by getting into the OS and used the error checking process by right clicking the drives and then there were 5 stages of errors checking and after next reboot the problem was solved,
tnx anyways
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