cheapest gamepad options ????


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which are the cheapest gamepads available in the market for games like BF3 or MW3?? i even play games like NFS series which would be a suitable pad for me the cheaper the better it would be guys


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If you want there are gamepads from lots of local brands such as enter, zebronics etc. available in the market costing Rs200-300. If you want to go for something branded, gamepads from logitech start from Rs600. If you're willing to spend then do get the XBOX 360 gamepad as suggested by Tenida. Its vibration feedback, build and layout make it much better than the others.


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i might for local for now zebb is ok guys m current out of cash and i serious want a gamepad

Trust Me Get The XBOX one For RS 1116... I Just ordered It after Trying Many Local One ....Almost 5 of them...even the Logitech one...Logitech One is still working fine but local one just dies in month or two....


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@OP-Ayuclack is absulately the xbox controller its best out there at cheap price other local ones are just crap....don't buy them....if u r out of budget ...then save some money and buy later.


Buy Xbox 360 controller if you can .. Best to buy that it works in all Games as it is supported by most games if not all.. and it is pre-configured.. while local one will have to go with trial and error method.. Buy Frontech if you wish to go for local as this is best in all(locals)
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