Cheap 26" TV (HD not required)


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Cheap 26" TV

I need a 26"/24" TV for putting in my father's office to run dth. Features such as USB ports are not required. Decent sound quality would be appreciated though. Please suggest both a 24" and a 26" model. Budget is 20k.

EDIT : HD required
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Dell ST2420L 24 inch 13.5k
iBall Claro CTV27 External HD TV -1.5k
Sony SRS-D9 2.1 5k
Will beat the crap out of any 24 inch TV under 20k

you can even go for F&D F3000U 5.1 Multimedia Speakers


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Thanks Nerevarine. I was thinking of going this route too but is there any tv with decent inbuilt speakers in the 20k range? There's actually a bit of a space crunch at his office and its going to be mounted at a top corner. Also the reviews say its viewing angles are a bit off, thats one of the reasons I wanted a TV.


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Re: Cheap 26" TV (HD not required)

Get this Samsung 26EH4800
Samsung 26EH4800 LED 26 inches HD Television - Samsung:

This is having 50 Watts rms of power.

I am using 32 inch version of this tv.


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This Tv is having one woofer,One Center,two Two way Speakers with tweeter.Sound is much better and powerful than other tv within same range.
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