1. ssb1551

    Battery pack for OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 2

    I know its the wrong sub-forum (I'll be really grateful if someone can direct me to the relevant section) but I would like to know if we can get battery packs for OnePlus 3? You know the likes which act as phone case or cover but pack an additional battery. If not for OnePlus 3 then any...
  2. KeyboardWarrior

    Want to buy a Portable DVD/CD RW

    I want to buy a good USB/Portable DVD-RW/CD-RW Drive. I am not looking to buy expensive one, becoz it wont be for much office work. just tell me about the - Brand/Model/Cost($) and your own experience with it. any help from the posters will be appreciated. Thanks .....
  3. sohan_92

    Power bank within 1.5k

    Hi, I need a decent power bank for my father's smart phone (Samsung Grand Prime). Any suggestion would be much appreciated. Open to buy from online and Local stores.
  4. S

    Need a good Mechanical Keyboard for my gaming rig. Budget ~7-10K rs

    Hi! I need to buy a good Mechanical Keyboard. I will buy it online. Links will be appreciated. I can spend max. 10000 Rs. Thanks. - - - Updated - - - Guys, any recommendation?
  5. S

    [Budget 50k-1L] Need a programming laptop with FHD display

    I need a new programming laptop. I have a broad budget of 50k to 1L as I'm not sure if what I need can be obtained in a lower price, though I'm willing to spend up to 1L on it if needed. The laptop will run Linux and will be used exclusively for programming and browsing. No gaming, really...
  6. Champ

    Suggestions needed for a good microphone for screencast

    Hi Guys, I need a good microphone to record some screencasts Any suggestions / personal experiences would be appreciated Budget is around 2K Regards
  7. tkin

    2.0/2.1 Audiophile Speakers for PC

    Hey guys, My speakers went kaput some time back, I had been using my Koss Portapro these days but nothing beats a pair of thumping desktop speakers. So I will buy one end of this month. I am open to purchasing online provided I get warranty. Requirements: 1. 2.0 or 2.1 only. Prefer...
  8. C

    Headphone cable messed up

    I have a skullcandy hesh. Its cable is worn and its sound is distorted if i use it. Will any random Aux cable work? Like this one.. 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Auxiliary AUX Cable: Electronics Any suggestions or help is appreciated..Thanks. - - - Updated - - - Anyone?
  9. K

    Need Indian IP..Help !!

    I am currently out of India and I do really need Indian IP address to complete few online tasks. I am currently using Hide IP Easy (pirated version ofc :( ). But this one is too freaking sloww. Any ideas will be appreciated. VPNs??
  10. K

    I created a new website!

    Hello there i created a new website could you guys just check it out and see if there are any bugs in the forums or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. http;//
  11. F

    [Somewhat urgent] Powerful laptop required for Game Design. Related advice appreciated

    Hey everyone. The topic says it all. I feel stupid I waited so long now, but I need to buy a laptop by the end of the month. My game design college course starts from the 1st of July. I researched a bit about this already, and I've found that people have found the heavier, bulkier laptops...
  12. A


    read somewhere about this password protection software-which version should i load for my pc-commenst from someone using it will be appreciated
  13. pritish_kul2

    Computer-> TV Output Wired/Wirelessly

    Hello guys, I have a HP T730i lying waste with a damaged HP mx704 monitor. So was thinking is it possible to output the screen to my Samsung 32" LCD TV? What are the various options available? Wired can be done using which lead? And is wireless output possible?? Help would be...
  14. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Company's Name ??

    My father is running a company named Navnik AV Solutions ... This company does all computer related,Studio related, Acoustics and sound proofing and some small constructions work... now he wants to change its name .. any suggestions would be really appreciated ..
  15. A

    AC Needed

    Please suggest the best split ac that meet the requirements: 1 ton capacity 5 star rating good service effectiveness of cooling cost no problem am looking for two units. Help Appreciated :)
  16. lovedonator

    Which Dremel?

    I'm thinking of modding my case and the first thing I want to do is to make the side panel of my case transparent. I have a Corsair Carbide 400R. Now the question is which Dremel should I buy to get the work done? Right now I don't want to spend more than 5-6K. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. B

    Where to buy 280x in Hyderabad?

    which version has the best vfm ? a lot of online retailers are out of stock. any links would be appreciated.
  18. A

    Mini Itx Motherboard

    Hi, Anybody using mini ITX motherboards in non air conditioned home in India? Any feedback will be appreciated as I am interested in building a Multimedia Pc using Mini ITX motherboard.
  19. Adibaba

    Which brainwavz

    Hey guys wanting to buy brainwavz R1 or M1, suggest me which one .I mostly listen to rock music ,jazz and some EDM. AND is it safe to buy from mp4nation. Any help is much appreciated. Regards
  20. K

    Unlocking Phones

    Hi guys! I wanted to know that is it possible to unlock a T mobile/AT&T phone in Canada and send it India??Is it Legal to do it? As phones are available very cheap in Foreign countries.. Thank you .. Help will be appreciated..
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