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i want to buy a cell phone within 9k range.. A little help would be great.. Prefably a qwerty(non slider and a non-blackberry) with any operating system..
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@OP: Don't you have any preferences?
If you opt for Windows 7.5, Nokia 510 is a good choice, but you've to live with inbuilt 4GB!


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Would prefer a qwerty(Non-slider and prefably not a Blackberry..:razz:) with good camera and any operating system..


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op's needs can be fulfilled with these 2

Galaxy Y Pro Duos
Nokia E5

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS vs Nokia E5 - Phone specs comparison

Y pro duos pros:
touch screen
front cam

E5 pros:
5 MP camera with flash
Video recording
Nokia :D


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you can check out Samsung galaxy Chat..:|
Sony ericsson has the Xperia Mini pro and xperia pro which are fantastic phones but are sliders.
FYI Xperia pro and xperia mini pro good deals are available on ebay


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Up ur budget by 1k and u can experience almost the entire ANDROID world with the Micromax a110... (if screen size and brand isnt a concern for u)


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Sony Tipo and Micromax A110 both are good

if you want Qwerty try if you fibd Sony Xpera Mini Pro around 10k ..or otherwise Galaxy Chat but its keyboard is not so good :|


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presently using samsung chat and kinda in love with the qwerty.. Micromax a110 is out of the list as the screen is a problem for me..:-(
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