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CD Writer problem

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Hello all...

I have a pretty queer problem with my CD writer....

Whenever I insert a blank CD for writing it doesnt get detected at all....That is, the CD on inserting doesnt start rotating by itself...On vieving the properties of the CD drive, I see the details as "Total: 0 bytes; Used: 0 bytes" Also, writing the CD fails...

On inserting a half-blank CD (multisession) its gets detected without any issues & I am able to write too without any problems...

My config is AMD 3200+, MSI RS 480, 1 GB RAM, Win XP SP 2 with all updates intact...Nero 7

Cud anyone please tell me why I am having such a problem? Looking for answers...



In the zone
u did'nt mention which writer u have.try lens cleaning and see if u have made changes in nero(options).

nach p

I think it must be a lense problem of your CD R/W.Some kind of same problem I was facing in past.Contact your hardware vendor .Is it in warranty period ?


Broken In
What make is your CD writer ? And like all others have said, this kind of situation occurs when there is a lens problem. Or if your CD RW is jacked up, then you have to go for a new one mate ! But there's one thing need ot be asked...
You said writing a new CD fails. How many times did you try this ? If more than once, then did you try different brands of CDs ? Did you also try filling up an empty rewritable ? Try these things and give the results if possible, it'll be helpful in diagnosing your problems. :)
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