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If some one can please help me i will be very thankful.
I have certain files and software for my Call Center and Medical Transcription that we need to give to our employees to take over home for weekdays.
We usually collect those CD/DVD at the end of weekend.
However since we have various compliances to follow and agreements , the copying or burning of the data or software CD's is highly prohibited.
I understand that a determined person will get to break into the copy protection that there are.But then thwarting every mad geek out there is not my cup of tea or concern.
I want a general protection whereby people with normal knowledge of computers will find it difficult to copy the data or burn the data.
I would one helpful if someone direct me in the right place.


u mite wan 2 give dis a try :)

Softlock Data Protection

What is Softlock Data Protection?

This solution provides protection to Data Files against illegal Access using Softlock Authentication Techniques. It is suitable for Data Vendors whom provides valuable data files to the end users within CD or DVD media.

Softlock provides a very secure method to protect data files against copying activities, cracking utilities and printing.

Applying data protection is simple, customers only have to delivery the data files, and then Softlock produce a protected CD or DVD based on the selected protection technique.

another 1 dat u can try out is
SecuROM™ (for data)

but both these solns r customised solns whereby u need 2 supply ur data and dey wud give it back 2 u in copy-protected optical disks

if u want an Indian vendor u cud give Datacops a try
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wat kind of data do u plan 2 ship in d CD

is it txt/img or in other other words static content

if it so den u can use Natata eBook Compiler Free v2.1 to cre8 ebooks outta those

i use it 4 submitting papers in competitions
while creatin d ebuk u can specifiy if u wan2 allow printing or allow copy

if u disallow it den d PRINT button will not b included and neither will COPY-PASTE function

if u wan2 copy-protect audio content den u may wan 2 lay ur hands on d August 2006 edition of IC-CHIP
dey did a DIY article prepare a copy-protected CD [feelin 2 lazy 2 type out d procedure :D]
d name of d article is Signature CDs


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Softlock Data Protection/SecuROM™ is not secure. It can be cracked easily(not by script kiddies/newbies).
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