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Hi Friends,
I have rented a 2BHK flat in South Delhi for my family and would like to have CCTV installed.

I came across many ads but am unable to determine which would be a reliable brand and upon whom to rely.

My requirement is to be able to do:

1. have cctv installed
2. which can be recorded
3. can be monitored over IP on net

Who would be a right source for getting genuine advice regarding which cameras to purchase / which DVR / right price / setup / installation etc

Pls guide.

Thank You


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Hi thx for ur reply....i do not really need any back up on their servers...I wish i could get more replies and details pls.


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Well I can give you a contact number, he's from Delhi and deals with these type of Security Products.

He's the authorized dealer of our Company in Delhi. Our company manufactures Smart Card Readers / Writers, Biometric Devices, Face Recognition Devices.

But that person also deals with other Companies too. So you can contact him and I guess he'll be able to guide you. But remember at the EoD he's a Dealer so do your homework yourself.

One company that comes to mind regarding the Best CCTV Cameras and all is HIKVision.
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