1. A

    Unraid Home Server and CCTV cameras.

    Currently using Unraid on home server intel 12400 z690 atx mobo 16 gig ddr4 ram 3 x 4TB senate ironwolf NAS drives Using it as a Media server, File Server, Chat Server I want to set up home CCTV cameras with my home server. Requirements are about 7 to 8 cameras. About 4 need to be 1080p HD...
  2. N

    CCTV using DDNS - Some clarifications needed

    Dear Friends, Have successfully installed DVR, 16 cameras, and connected same to DDNS via DahuaDDNS. I have also setup it to view on Mobile, via android app. What I am unable to identify is, amount of data used by such connection, when not being viewed by internet. I mean, when not in...
  3. kARTechnology

    Long Range WiFi AP Suggestion

    Hello guys, 1) I have a TP-Link wr740n connected to a 8-ch CCTV DVR and a PC. 2) I have another 8-ch CCTV DVR and PC @ a location which is around 0.5km to 1km(somewhat Line Of Sight) which is currently has no router/any setup. I plan to setup a AP from the point 1 to 2 Preferring a 300mbps...
  4. Rahim

    Need complete guide in implementing CCTV

    I need to implement CCTV in my workplace. The requirements: 1: At least 16 good quality cameras. 2: I prefer a PC-based DVR system. 3: What is the price range of the various components? 4: Do these come in complete package or various components needs to be assembled? 5: I need to...
  5. R

    CCTV set up in 10k budget without HDD

    Hi, We are planning to install a CCTV set up in our company. our needs are as follows. 1) Need 4 cameras, so 4 channel DVR is enough. Its for outdoors 2) Need to record/live view to separate HDD and delete automatically when HDD is full. 3) Need remote internet viewing enabled DVR though...
  6. P

    Want to buy a whole CCTV camera setup to view through Internet.

    Hey guys I want to make a CCTV setup in my Dad's office. And seriously i know nothing about the components required. So please help me. My dad just wants to get the live view from other rooms (no recording) at his screen in front of where he sits. Total five cameras are required for the whole...
  7. A

    Budget CCTV Setup for Outdoors (should be DIY)

    Hi, I want to install cctv in the parking on my building. With the recent event happened with my bike where almost all its wiring had been cut by some miscreant I cant depend upon the hopeless security provided by the society. Lower it costs the better. Max I can spend right now is 5k...
  8. T

    Help decide on a cctv camera

    Hi everybody. I own a clothing store. In the last couple of days I’ve noticed some of the things going missing. So I’ve decided to place some closed-circuit television cameras in the shop. I think two should cover the places where I cannot see. I don’t want to spend much, about $100-110… I was...
  9. S

    CCTV Purchase Intallation - South Delhi - Advice

    Hi Friends, I have rented a 2BHK flat in South Delhi for my family and would like to have CCTV installed. I came across many ads but am unable to determine which would be a reliable brand and upon whom to rely. My requirement is to be able to do: 1. have cctv installed 2...
  10. T

    Need help to build up a CCTV setup .

    Hi all, i need to setup a CCTV system for our godowns and shops as the thefts in our city (Pune) are on the rise. I have an experience in setting up a 4 channel cctv. But now i need a Branded solution (i.e. DVR and CCTV cameras of better quality and brand like sony/samsung/philips etc.) Where...
  11. R

    Connecting CCTV camera wire

    Hello friends, I recently bought a CCTV dome camera and a PC DVR card. now iam stuck with the wiring of thi camera. the wire for CCTV camera given to me by shop owner is having 5 different color wires in one. The wire is AWG 25 CCTV wire. Can any one help? i needed i can provide the...
  12. R

    Installing NetBeiu on XP

    How do i setup my ethernet card to install Netbeiu on my XP Pro system? This seems to be required to setup a remote player for CCTV software on the LAN. Thanks Ramesh
  13. T

    CCTV camera

    :D I would like to buy CCTV camera for Remote monitoring. Kindly please help me find a cheap and best one.
  14. iMav

    cctv to pc

    how can this be achieved how can i connect a cctv to my desktop and have it store the vdo for say the past 12hrs ...
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