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Can't play 5.1 sound on my new speakers!

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Hello guys,

I'm having trouble playing 5.1 channel sound with my MP3 files.

Whether I play them using Winamp or WMP, I can hear sound only thru the Front speakers and not from Center and Rear channels.

They work perfectly when testing them thru the driver. I've Realtek audio on my MSI P45 Platinum.

Do I need to have any codec or specific plugin installed??

Plz help me out!!


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Open Realtek HD Audio manager and enable the speaker fill options. Set the rear left and right to full range. also, try boosting the gain on rear speakers. Second, in the winamp preferences, go to plug-ins then output now select "NullSoft DirectSound Ouput". Now configure it, and choose realtek driver under the Device tab. Enable hardware acceleration there.
Btw, what about playing movies? I mean, do all channels deliver when playing movies with 5.1 audio? See, just try scribbling through Realtek Audio Manager utility and may be u'll be able to fix the problem. :)


Yes I hear sound frm all the channels in a 5.1 encoded movie.

And thx a lot for the help. I'l try it out!!


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i too having dis prob with my creative sound card. but only my center speaker skips mp3 and some formats.

certain games and movies do activate center speaker.

i think it is not a defect. :D
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