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Cant boot into Vista (Ubuntu works fine)

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Hey ..

firstly , i have read many threads before posting this . i believe my case is a bit different so posting a new thread .

i installed Ubuntu yesterday on my HP laptop . it had Vista pre installed .i installed ubuntu without any problem . Everything worked perfectly .

I logged into Vista twice yesterday to take some settings , there wasnt any problem . but now when i tried booting to vista . the boot screen in vista comes , but nothing happens after that .

In the bootmenu (of grub i guess) , the last two options i get is Windows Vista/Longhorn (loader).(same option twice)

i tried booting few times , but once Recovery Manager started and was asking to get Factory Settings back . i cancelled it .

PLease Help Me !

I dont have the Vista DVD , its dumped in a Recovery Kit .

Thank You for helping .. !


Broken In
:idea: I have also faced similar problems when I first installed Ubuntu 7.04 on my PC, Actually when I installed I don't know how to partition the Hard Disk for Linux - But after installing some how I got only Linux and not Windows XP at that time, But you have mentioned you booted into Vista yesterday

Try to Boot using Ultimate Boot CD or any Live CD to see what had actually happened - I don't think partition is the problem in ur issue :p
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