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can i install 64 bit xp?

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I have a pentium 4 processor computer (2.4 ghz, 256 mb RAM). I am using windows xp. I would like to try 64 bit version.
What advantages I will get and i would like to know if the existing softwares dvd ripper, shrink and movie burner etc will work.
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What's your motherboard & cpu ? Please post details about those.

if your motherboard & cpu is 64 bit compatible then you can install 64 bit OS & if they are 32bit compatible you can run only 32 bit OS.

There is not a huge performance gain that you can obtain from 64 bit oS. The only advantage is consumer level 64 bit os like xp & vista can handle more than 4 GB ram where 323 bit oses can not


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The performance gain isn't very significant yet. You'll feel only a slight improvement over your current performance, though adding more RAM to your system might be helpful.

Yes, most softwares would work, but with drivers, etc you may face an issue if there is no 64-bit version of them.

First off, check if your PIV has the EMT64 extension, which is 64-bit support in Intel Processors.
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