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shivam mathur

i'm a Marco replacing you
Hi guys/Developers/programmers/and folks

I created a C C++ Calender Program

It is currently hosted on sourceforge
@ C C++ Calender

The program has a USERNAME:shivam
and a password:cool

It is a simple c++ program to do almost all the functions that a calender is used for.The program has been coded by a object oriented way which can easily tweaked. The program is a win32 application without the use of any graphics or databases so that it can be cool and simple
please have a look
and drop comments if you liked it
AND help me improve the code..



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shivam mathur

i'm a Marco replacing you

Thanks mates for liking
@fz8975 I didn't compiled the icon with it:-|
Will do it soon
KEEp Posting!!:)
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